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If you or someone you know is HIV positive and suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, detox treatment can start today.
Call the number on the image below for more information.
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Please share this important service:

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Methadone Maintenance can get you past the “What’s the Use” barrier that blocks you from remaining abstinent from opiates.
Methadone, properly administered by medical professionals, reduces cravings for opiates and helps you focus on getting better.

At Tarzana Treatment Centers, we offer Methadone Maintenance to qualified patients.
Medi-Cal coverage is accepted.

Please call 800-996-1051 today for help.

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Do you have a senior family member who drinks too much or is addicted to prescription drugs?

Tarzana Treatment Centers accepts Medicare for alcohol and drug treatment

Please call 800-996-1051 today
Read the attached article for information and tips to motivate senior family members to recovery

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Cravings are a major relapse trigger for alcoholics
Vivitrol helps to reduce those cravings

Tarzana Treatment Centers is a Vivitrol provider, and qualified patients can get treatment at no-cost and low-cost

Please call 800-996-1051 today for more information

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Methadone Maintenance is a vital recovery tool for those who struggle with recovery.

When abstinence is out of reach, so is recovery.  Sometimes the first step to recovery must be harm reduction followed by abstinence.
During Maintenance, addicts are better able to function and concentrate.

TTC uses the time during Maintenance for positive change with addiction counseling.  Patients are better motivated for treatment when they believe they have a chance at recovery.

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Now is the time to detox from alcohol or drugs!!

TTC has no-cost beds available RIGHT NOW under our contract with CalWORKs.
If you or someone you know, receives GR benefits, or are qualified to receive them, please call us now at 800-996-1051.

If you are hesitant, please read this article that describes the detox experience:

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Do you feel like you can’t stop drinking?
Do you feel like you can’t stop using heroin or pain killers?

Vivitrol will reduce cravings, which is a BIG step to recovery.

If you or a loved one needs help, please call us today at 800-996-1051.

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Our Medicare Services Include Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Substance abuse has become more common with aging.  You are not alone.
There are underlying issues that got you started down this road, and we know how to address them.

You can call us today at 800-996-1051.
Please refer to the linked flier for information about the medical care services we provide.

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CalWORKs - It is Time to Heal the Family

Start with detox today.
CalWORKs beds are available NOW, so don’t wait another day.
If you know someone who needs help with family alcoholism or drug addiction, and qualifies for CalWORKs, please share this information with them.

Call 800-996-1051 today, or click the attached link and fill out the secure contact form.
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