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REMEMBER to Vote this Saturday in Australia!

I voted at the Australian Consulate-General in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on Monday.

I haven't been home for 5 months so I haven't had to put up with the endless emotionally-charged rubbish from both of the major parties spokespeople. I've been following it all on Twitter though.

Did you know?
Women were first able to vote (in South Australia) in 1895.
Compulsory voting for Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders was passed in 1984.

I KNOW it seems annoying and ridiculous to have to vote for people that the majority of Australians don't believe in. But, we are VERY fortunate to be able to vote and to actually have democratic elections in Australia.

PLEASE EDUCATE yourself to the policies from the different parties and UNDERSTAND what you actually need to do on Saturday.

I hope the following links and information helps.

How to Vote Overseas:
Poling Places overseas: - got to the Embassy/Consulate, vote and leave

POLICY is what should be talked about, but emotions are the best way to make people follow (blindly) - so, what affects you the most? Asylum seekers, Parental leave, Education, Hospitals, Broadband, Manufacturing, Education, Environment? Check out the policies for all of these and more:

Really easy to comprehend infograph: A Sweary Angry yet Accurate comparison of Policy - excuse the obscenities -

Worried about your Online/Digital Rights? Only the Greens have a good "election scorecard" when it comes to digital rights:

Where do the parties stand on animal welfare?

How the parties rates against the Work, Care & Family Policy election benchmarks: (PDF) - this includes info on Paid Parental Leave (PPL), Childcare, Pay Equity, Superannuation; and Secure, Flexible Jobs & Family-Friendly Working Time

Explanation of the Voting System:

There are over 50 minor parties running in this election. In Australia, you CANNOT THROW AWAY YOUR VOTE. Well, you can vote informally but simply putting a non-major party as your first preference won’t mean your vote is wasted. If your first preference candidate isn’t elected your vote goes to another candidate instead.

In the House of Representatives (the smaller, green ballot paper) - just number the candidates from one to whatever, and if your number 1 choice doesn’t make it, your vote goes on to your number 2 choice and so on down. This decides who the PRIME MINISTER is.
In the Senate (the larger, white ballot paper), though, there’s TWO options: you can vote ‘above the line’ — just plonk a 1 in a box somewhere above the thick black line. The problem is that you’ve just left your voting preferences up to the party whose box you just put a 1 in.
OR Vote BELOW the line! Yes, it’s a lot more boxes to fill in (I had 82!) but you can KEEP THE POLITICIANS HONEST. A mixture of other parties in the Senate equals better laws and better government. If the candidate you vote for isn't elected, you vote passes onto your next preference. This election, vote twice.

Where do your preferences go?
Play the Preferences Game:

Practice Voting for the House of Representatives & Senate:

"The Senate is one of the most powerful parliamentary upper chambers in the world, yet our current voting system allows fractionalised parties with no chance of significant electoral support to enter a lottery for the last seat in each state"

Some other Links to read:

REALLY good info from Anthony Green:

"This election, we elect whether our grandchildren will have a future at all. If the Liberals form government, they will quadruple Australia’s coal exports and slash the renewable fund. We will collectively tip over the point of intervention after which there will be nothing we or our children can do to stabilize temperatures. This election will decide if our children are helpless to act for their ‒ not our ‒ future."

Advice from Charlie Pickering "According to the Australian Electoral Commission website, candidates will get $2.48 in government funding for every vote they receive. However, what doesn't often get talked about a lot is that they only get that money if they are your first preference. So my very simple suggestion for how you can register your protest in a way that the major parties may understand is to put the big parties second. Simply write a 1 in the box for someone else.
It can be anyone... Once your preferences are sorted, your vote will still end up with one of the majors, but your $2.48 does not. It either goes to your first preference or, if you cannily choose a suitable long shot that wins less than 4 per cent of the vote, it doesn't go anywhere at all."

Some of the key players on the right-wing fringe of Australian politics & their electoral chances

Why the Senate is now vital to securing marriage equality -

Also, check out AIME's The Other Election:

• vote Green and independent in the Senate: whoever holds government should not control the Senate
• vote Green in the House of Representatives, then preference whichever major party does not currently hold the seat you are in. If you are in a Labor seat, vote Coalition; if you are in a Coalition seat, vote Labor: send a protest message to both major parties.
(echoing Julian Burnside's How to Vote:

Good luck to us all!
AMAZING video from Juice Media/Juice Rap News about the #Australian #Election: Australian Election: A Game of Polls [RAP NEWS 20] featuring Julian Assange!

This is a great article too:
"Rap News succeeds where academia has failed, by effectively disseminating the knowledge that would normally have remained buried within the ivory towers of academia.

Do independent, backyard productions of this sort represent the future for progressive journalism? Rap News allows the citizenry to engage with politics without their becoming politicians, to pursue knowledge without being co-opted by the university; and to interrogate the intricate patterns of deception promoted by the mainstream media without becoming paranoid conspiracy theorists. Humour and wit replace Mohawks and spray-cans, whilst a healthy dose of sardonic insight replaces a witless barrage of puerile aggression. The show effectively addresses the shortcomings of the fourth estate, providing a new way for subversive thinkers to give the man a metaphorical middle finger."
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RAP NEWS 20: A GAME OF POLLS (Australian Election 2013)
Written by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant

"Welcome to Juice Rap News, our twentieth edition
And we’d like to thank you on this special occasion
for the views, likes and comments since commencing transmission
But enough celebration, we have a topic for your attention:

There's a TV show that's now an international sensation
people tune in each season with avid obsession
It rules the planet and balances the fate of nations
I’m referring of course to Democratic elections.

The latest season - Winter - is Coming to Australia,
and Aussies have tuned in in droves to finally discover
who’ll claim the throne on the mighty hill of Canberra
Join us, down under as we meet each contender:

We begin with the current Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd,
Leader of the Labour Party. - Listen up
this is K-Rudd, back to smack the track with a K-Rap classic
- What are your tactics to engage with the masses?

- Robert I'll be candid, it's a fact that these other candidates
are amateurs, out of touch with average families
my twitter feed has one point three million fans on it
Ni Haaaao, bitches! check my Mandarin languages

- What’s your policy?
- Let me begin with an apology -
for being so awesome, nah, kidding! ... honestly,
its for the Stolen Generations... SORRY, KIDS!
Now we can forget about colonisation, and move on with shit

and focus on racism in the Northern Territory
where we can do more damage for later apologies
- And the economy? - I’ll impose a tax on mining profits
which is sure to be a popular and... AAAACH! - what's this?

- Stabbed in the back... - By whom?
- it is I! - (gasp) the red woman
- I'm assumin' leadership of this party - I'm a true slaya
- Julia Gillard! How will you pander to Australia?

- Listen here, the soothing strains of my nasal song
Are tailored to the an ear; they'll sing along
And with Peter Garret, Penny Wong and Wayne Swan
On harmonies, we’re so strong we can’t go wrong

We will move forward together... and rise
I’ll never implement a carbon tax ever... that's right
and on these cancerous packs we'll have blank designs
and, I will now implement a carbon tax... I mean 'price'

- Uh, that’s nice... but now let's cross over to have an
opening chat with the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott
- G’day, Robert, good to be with you
- So how will you appeal to the Australian people?

- I’ve got sex appeal! I'll give em what they want
The other candidates underestimate just what a bunch of c**ts
the Australian public actually is
So my first tactic will be not - uh - having breasts

And not being some ranga witch,
And whatever this Fanta pants bitch has done as leader, I'll cancel it
to the Australian populace, I say don’t fall for this
She’s a communist, and she supported a misogynist

- No, I've reached the end of my tolerance tether
I'll not be lectured on misogyny by this man, not ever
He's a sexist Catholic pig, see the irony?
- Aww come on, freckle tits... here's some ironing

Now, quit your bitching, get back in the kitchen
Australia isn’t grown-up enough to elect women
- Take a suppository of wisdom, you priest-abuse victim
The people are with me, look at me knitting.... AAAACH!

Shot in the back - Again? - here’s Kevin,
back to commence the blood shedding: the red wedding!
With my new look, I'm ready; I'm taking over again!
What do you say to that, Tony, my friend?

- You’re bloody rudderless: Time for my budgie smugglers...
What about people smugglers; Labor's never tough as us!
- Wrong! My new policy is slapping you silly
We'll divert all asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea

- God that's double racism, I need to fight him with something
I’ll build a wall in the North to stop the Wildlings from coming
- Nice try Tony, but you’re way out of your depth
I'm from Queensland you piece of shit, that's as racist as it gets

- Ban abortion, and gays... even my sister
- You dickhead - Stupid fat prime minister
- Well, it looks like both sides are equally balanced, but
wait, I’m told there might be another challenger

- We cross to correspondent Ken Oathcarn, Ken, you with me?
- Ken Oathcarn! I'm in London at the Ecuadorian Embassy
- We hear that this year there’s to be
another contender seeking a senate seat. - That’s right! I'm set to speak

With a fella called... um... called... - Julian Assange
- Ta mate. Julian Assange.
He's running for the Senate in these electoral races
I like him - he keeps saying "courage is c**t… something" - Contagious

- Outrageous! But, mate, with this whole look you got going on
you got Buckley's hope of getting votes in from
all the Sheilas and Blokes back home in OZ, but.
What you need’s a make-over - Err... Ok, but... - Good onya!

- Strewth! this came out even better than I’d hoped
I’m feeling it! Are you feeling it? - Bloody Oath
- Now you're ready to go hard in Australian politics,
what message do you wanna say to the populace?

[Julian Assange sings to the tune of "You're the Voice"]

- We have the chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make things leak, so we can get much bolder

We’re all wire-tapped now
We’re all being fed lies
Not long till we get all of the rats out
Once we turn on all the lights

You're the light that the world's demanding
Make it bright and make things clear, oh, woah
We're not gonna sit in darkness
We're not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

Err... well, Ken, thanks for that enlightening update
on the latest candidate to arrive in the race
Kevin, Julia, Tony - thanks also for your time today
Good luck to you all in this violent campaign

And as Aussies head to the ballots to vote
We wish them wisdom, and vision beyond the dramatics and smoke
The Game of Polls is a spectacular show of course.
Chances are the next season is coming soon to your shores

And the first season of our own show is a wrap too
but we eagerly look forward to bringing you back through
brand new episodes with heavy doses of that juice
Robert Foster, The Internet, reporting for Rap News."

WONDERFUL, isn't it?! 
When I was in SE Asia for my 6-month change of scenery/chill out/adventure, the universe kept calling me back to Indonesia.

I had various interviews, articles etc with the Indonesian media. Here's the list:
It's that time of year again, so here's my A Christmas Wish video:

My "How to Survive Christmas as a Vegan" blog:

Cruelty Free Christmas Recipes: - love, compassion and peace isn't just for humans after all!

I'll be in Surabaya for the HELVI Expo on 21-24 Dec: where I'll be giving talks and food demos.

What have you got planned? 
If you're looking for me on G+, I'm here:
Incase you missed it, my website +Viva la Vegan! won the Vegan of the Year award for Outstanding Vegan Website of 2013!
Positive education, outreach, recipes, blogs, articles, books, how-to videos, interviews with inspiring vegans, vegan mentoring and more!
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I've got a new recipe (print) book being released later this year.

Illustrations by Sarah Kiser
Photography by Carol Slater Photography
Design by Adele Walker from Bambi Wants Revenge
so obviously it will be AMAZING!

-----> I need a title. Can you please vote for what you think the best title is: <---

Thanks to Daphne, Jack, Jim, Kathy, Mary, Monique, and Sparkle for their suggestions.

See the photos and more info:

Thank you!
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Late Tuesday night (LA time) I left LAX for Guangzhou (Canton), China a 15-hour flight where I slept most of the time, watched "Oz the Great & Powerful" (quite good) and "Burn After Reading" (waste of time.)

I had a 16-hour layover in Canton until 9pm Thursday night (Wednesday disappeared!) and met a great guy, Daniel from LA who was travelling to Penang, Malaysia - one of my favourite places - and who has travelled a lot in South America. We joined forces, left our small backpacks at the airport, bought a day pass for the Metro and explored the city of Canton, getting off at various stops along the APM train route.

I left for Cambodia late last night - only a 2 hour flight - and am now safely in Phomn Pehn for the next (up to) 4 weeks. Planning to go to Siem Riep and Battambang before heading back to Indonesia and Penang. I will be home in Brisbane, Australia for Aunty duties the beginning of October.

I had an AMAZING time in the USA:
Los Angeles with Holly and some of my favourite people in the world mid-May. Portland, OR with Brittyn and for the Vida Vegan Con with Ryan and various friends. Eugene, then Virginia for the Anti-Fur Conference. From Virginia I stayed in Brooklyn for a week with Ethan and caught up with some close friends, before going to Connecticut to see family; Troy, NY to see Shiela and then Boston, MA where I saw my favourite singer/songwriter, Dar Williams with Jess in an old church with an orchestra!

Then it was to Minneapolis, MN where I was for the Critical Animal Studies conference and had a great long weekend with lovely ladies: Carol, Kim & Jenny. After Minneapolis was the start of Peter Young and my road trip including (but not limited to): Minneapolis, Des Moines, Iowa; Chicago, Cleveland before getting to the Animal Rights Conference in Washington, DC where it was great to hang out with various friends for the long weekend amidst blackouts and other chaos!

After DC, Peter and I were in Huntsville, Alabama then up to Louisville, KY where we spent a few nights with the lovely Sam & April before heading through St Louis, MO; Kansas somewhere for 4th July fireworks and finally getting to our favourite place Boulder, CO where we spent a great chunk of time. Then it was back to LA to come full circle mid-July.

It was great to meet new people and hang out with my some of my favourite people in the world - you know who you are!

Lots of love to all along my trip xx 
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It was great - reminded myself of how much I'd done when I stopped for awhile ;)

Yes, I try to do the slow travel...

No re the transhuman folk - but I didn't really ask!
Here's a lovely & humbling article Jeannette Louise Smith wrote about me from our meeting over the weekend at the Anti-Fur Conference:

"Cheerful, with a ribbon in her hair - an exclamation point of togetherness on the top of the world. Her demeanor radiates gently. Like glowing flower petals floating to the ground, she plants a soft and shimmering trail to follow. While her distinctive Australian accent dictates her place of birth and residence, she is a woman of the earth, a gatherer of positive people, a leader of the world community. She is Leigh-Chantelle." 
Excited about the Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference this May 24-26 in Portland, OR!

I'm speaking about "Ethics Beyond the Plate", "Vegan Invasion: Community Building" & "International Activism."

Who's coming? 
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I thought of you when hearing about some students from my University getting poisoned by methonal in Bali... (

I don't recall if you are XX or not...
New LC #quote

"It's time to step up, stand up, get up and fight. If you have the will, add the desire and a splash of faith to get us through these times. It's time to make clear exactly what we want to achieve. Add the people, add the passion, and believe."