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A little bit of trivia that we found interesting.
Even though it's lacking a picture... which we are all about.
Did you know? Mountain goats are not really goats at all, but are members of the antelope family. Mountain goats are specialized in their hoof and body shape so that they can be the most successful travelers on the cliffs where few predators will follow. To survive in such a specialized habitat. however, they are generalist herbivores who are able to eat most plants, including lichens. mosses, and conifers. They live at a variety of elevations, near different forest types, but always near cliffs....

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This is the first in a long long line of posts by +Envision The World sharing pictures that help people do just that.

This is Joshua Tree National Park in California
I shoot in HDR because I don't have the Ansel Adams patience required to sit around for 8 hours waiting for the perfect light. Joshua Tree is a little different...ever with HDR, you still need to wait for the right light or it just looks like a bunch of trees and rocks. I'm rather proud of my $300, 8mm, manual focus, fisheye lens from Bower. I leave it at infinity and everything up to 6" is perfectly in focus, I've yet to see a chromatic aberration and at f8 everything is in focus. So to the clerk at Samy's camera that told me I was making a big mistake; go sell crazy somewhere else.

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