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Rare for me to post these, but I really like this:
Michael Jackson Medley

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lshw claims this is an ASUS P7H55-M. Google claims that should have one PCIe 16x slot, two PCIe (1x) slots, and a PCI slot. Either lshw lies, google lies, or my eyesight/camera lies!

Is there any chance that Canonical can give us a "non-Unity" option at install time for 12.04?

I won't hold my breath...but I can at least ask. What would I file a bug against to ask for it? It surely can't be a difficult thing to provide, it's just a different package set - I'll even do some of the work if it will help and someone can point me at what needs to be done.

xubuntu and lubuntu are closer, but they're still not what I want.

I won't even mind if it means I have to be online to install. I realise that the CD has limited space.

The alpha installer I looked at for it took me about 4 hours to get to somewhere I could start to consider a "usable" desktop -- At that stage I may as well install Debian, which takes me a similar amount of time to customise to my tastes.

Yes, I appreciate that's completely subjective, and usable for me will be useless to someone else - which is fine. Give us the options and it's useful for more people.

If that's not possible then could someone please explain to me why not, and if the reasons are technical (rather than political/commercial), point me at them and I'll understand what is and isn't possible.

Dear Canonical,

Things wrong with Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot):

Unity -- it's bloody AWFUL! Nice eye candy, sure (if you happen to be a 12 year old girl), but for actually getting Real Work done, it's about as useful as a cat flap in an elephant house (obBlackadder).

The "software centre" -- it's as slow as a crippled snail, completely useless for finding anything except the most "basic" stuff quickly. If I wanted a damn appstore I'd install chrome os, or android, or iOS.

Guest account that's allowed to execute root tasks. W T F?! I mean, seriously...what on earth are you thinking?! Are you in fact thinking at all?

That bloody annoying "update manager" that seems nigh on impossible to tell to "go away and stay away".

The "Systems Settings" app...a control panel? A horribly crippled one at that.

They still have not come up with a sane way to disable the Rubbish Bin. Why?! Surely it's not that hard? No, none of the workarounds (of which there are many on various forums/wikis) are solutions.

It insists on populating ${HOME} with a pile of wank useless directories that I Do Not Want! If I have the temerity to remove them, stuff will start to break in odd and unpredictable ways.

No Sun (well, Oracle now) Java (okay, this one isn't Ubuntu's fault, it's Oracle's...I still want to whine about it though).

Ultimately, I can work around these things and many more small annoyances. In fact I already have. However, at what point should I decide that it's too much trouble to be bothered? After I've had to work around 10 things? 50? 200?

When I first started using Ubuntu (and I've been using it off and on since warty) it was attractive to me because it was trying really hard to be Debian Done Right. In many ways it was very successful at that. Ubuntu (to me) always appeared to be "Let's do things the right way, and find a way to not intrude on the user's ability to do work. Let's try to make things easier on the user where we can, without compromising on facility".

Now though, there appears to be some sort of desperate grab at mass market appeal an attempt to position Ubuntu as a rival to android/iOS. This is steadily making it less useful for me.

Lucid (10.04) was an awesome release imo. Just the right balance of easy and powerful to suit me. Since then the power is slowly being sacrificed for ease, and not ease at hard things...ease at easy things, and if that makes the hard things harder then Too Bad! It's becoming the OS that Fisher Price Made.

Please go back to being what I loved, that which enabled me to be more productive than I was otherwise. Please stop trying to turn my PC into a mobile phone, I already have a mobile phone, I want a desktop.


ITV player is the suckiest thing in suckdom! I might have to actually go out and buy a TV rather than enduring this crap!

I tried, I truly did. Installed Ubuntu 11.10, gave it a whole day to grow on me.

Rising blood pressure got the better of me! I reverted to 10.10 (didn't have install media for 11.04 handy, nor the requisite patience for removing everything Unity related...)

Is it just me or are they getting it BADLY wrong?
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