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Be true to yourself
Be true to yourself

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Ehhh..your grandmother was hot too!
My vision fulfilled When Dr A (fiancee) proposed 2 new years ago, I suggested a photo shoot of some sort. Of course being shy with a busy life style does not help matters much.  Dr A strongly opposed the idea. Camera. Lights.Action. were better saved for th...

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My journey
 As shared on Massey University's Alunmi Feature in 2011 Hello, I am a School of Aviation Management Graduate and I'd like to share my story since graduation. I was a young 18 yr old aviation enthusiast when I
got selected into the Air Transport Pilot Prog...

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Top 10 Ways to Capture Attention by Ben Parr..Happy reading!

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Business Focus
Top 10 Ways to Capture Attention This is a guest post by Ben Parr, the author of Captivology. (from Kawasaki website) You probably deal with attention issues every day. How do I get the
attention of new customers? How do I retain the attention of existing ...

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So Whatsapp is more secure than normal texting? aha!

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Some great advice : The One Crucial Trait All Incredibly Successful People Possess
Sharing this today..Do you? Image: Getty Images Anyone can succeed without capital, without a business plan, without a marketing plan, and even without a great idea.  But no one can succeed without one essential ingredient.   Think about the keys to busines...

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Can HTC reinvent itself as a premium consumer electronics company?

Mobile World Congress is a huge event this year for HTC. In fact, CNET's Roger Cheng wrote that the event is HTC's big opportunity to reinvent itself in the minds of consumers as a consumer electronics company.

+Lindsey Turrentine +Roger Cheng +Jason Abbruzzese 
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