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Affricate Poem
In a previous post, we discussed affricates, a common phonological error made by young children. We have even seen 6th graders make these kinds of mistakes. That's why it is important to correct the confusion that often results from the letters/letter combi...

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One Game - Many Objectives
We love games that help
children practice their math skills along with giving them important
opportunities in speaking and listening skills. This is a game that we have find
holds the attention of everyone, from preschoolers to adults. Begin by cutting out ...

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High-Frequency Words For All Learners
words, Dolch words, Fry list, sight words…many terms for the words our young
children need to learn to recognize. We have previously explained the five
components of reading here .   Under the
reading umbrella, one of these components is voca...

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Dental Health Month - Art Fun!
What better way to celebrate Dental Health Month than with a meaningful art activity! Begin by asking children to examine their mouths while looking in a mirror. Have them describe what they see. Children can practice math concepts by counting teeth. Give c...

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Welcoming Newcomers!
Many of our youngest children may not follow the different stages of assimilation. They are young children for whom life is an adventure. But, a child may be impacted by his of her family’s reactions to living in a new country. Many of our children are from...

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Math Is All Around!
This week our activity packet expands on the post from last week (below) about intrinsic motivation. Are you signed up to receive these FREE activities, available in English and Spanish? If not, please take a few seconds to get on our email list. All you ha...

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Helping Children Develop Intrinsic Motivation
We know that our English Language Learners make more progress with their language skills when they are intrinsically motivated. This is also true for most children. So...the key is to develop children who want to learn for the joy of learning. Just how can ...

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Stages of Learning a New Language: Intermediate Fluency and Advanced Fluency
This week we complete our description of the five stages of second language acquisition by looking at the fourth stage, intermediate fluency, and the fifth stage, advanced fluency. Please look back to our December 20, 2016 post for the beginning of our lang...

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Stages of Language Acquisition: The Early Production and Speech Emergence Stages
Last week
we described the first and very important stage of language acquisition, the silent period . This week we move
forward to tell you about the next two stages of the five-step process. We also
offer ideas teachers can use in their classrooms to help...

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Stages of Learning a New Language: The Silent Period
Many of us
work with English Language Learners (ELLs) and their families. To help us
better understand how to help these children, Maggie’s Big Home will discuss
the stages of second language acquisition over the next 3 weeks. We will
describe the stages an...
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