I need some advice on how to best structure a game scenario.

I have in my mind a scenario for my players to begin playing Diaspora by investigating a derelict ship. The ship itself is integral to the larger game and has many mysteries. It is also actively opposing the players and many of the systems on board do not function as they should. Think a mash-up of The Liberator from Blake’s 7 and Nostalgia for Infinity from Revelation Space.

So I have a sentient, ancient spaceship, possessed by an Alien AI that is in a cold war with the former captain of the ship who has somehow managed to merge with the ship. Most of the ship bears the scars of this civil war and things do not work correctly. But the ship is huge, over 2km long. As you can imagine, there is lots of potential for all sorts of fun and games, and that is before I introduce the larger background and politics that are behind much of the story.

I will have the players go through the system and character generation process, as I thing these are integral to the Diaspora experience, and suites my plans well.

But, neither myself or any of my players have played anything Fate based, and although the idea of exploring a massive, mysterious ship sound great on paper, I cannot get it straight in my head how best to present this with my players. All of my players are experienced with RPG’s, and have done DnD (all variations from the original Red Box upwards) Call of Cthulu, Traveller etc., and I am worried that I will not be able to convey the excellence of the Diaspora system to them. I am also unsure if I present the whole ship as one big Social Combat scene, or to break it down into the component areas, i.e., bridge, engineering, medical etc. and run scenes in there. If this was a Traveller game I would draw up the plans of the ship and have the characters proceed room by room. However, I think Diaspora offers a better, story based way of doing this that would be much more satisfying to do, and I want to showcase some of the great things in the minigame toolkit that Diaspora offers.

So you have a group of 5 experienced players, who haven’t played Fate based games at all, and you have a colossal derelict ship to explore, and that ship is actively trying to kill you. How would you GM it?

Thank you


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