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Stay informed with regards to the real estate market
The Real Estate Act was rolled out on May 1st, 2017 with all the 92 sections notified. Can you guess its full form? #Realestateindia #RERA
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Thankfully we only have to worry about the heat here in the Phoenix
#Arizona #HomeBuyers #PhoenixCashOffer
If #Florida gleaned anything from Hurricane Andrew, the intensely powerful storm that tore a deadly trail of destruction across Miami-Dade County almost exactly 25 years to the day that #HurricaneHarvey barrelled into the Texas coastline, it was that living in areas exposed to the wrath of Mother Nature can come at a substantial cost. At the time the most expensive #naturaldisaster ever to hit the US, Andrew caused an estimated $15bn in insured losses in the state and changed the way #insurancecompanies assessed their exposure to #risk for weather-related events.

#Miami Beach in particular has become a poster child for the effects of #climatechange, with some studies making grim predictions of a 5ft sea level rise by the end of the century and others suggesting that up to $23bn of existing property statewide could be underwater by 2050.

#ExtremeWeather #ExtremeClimate #ClimateRisk #Weather #Environment #GlobalWarming #Climate Insurance #Insurance
How climate change could turn US #realestate prices upside down
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Seems the neighborhoods listed have much to offer
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