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Jeremy Hoffman
awesomely nerdy awesome nerd. also epic.
awesomely nerdy awesome nerd. also epic.


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Why Silicon Valley's Real Estate Crisis Is a Present Danger
#siliconvalley #realestate #housing #finance

"California is where you look to see the future, from our inventions, to our forward thinking governments and social acceptances. The Bay Area is where you look to see what is coming to metropolitan areas throughout the country, and perhaps, the world. Our high prices today are yours tomorrow, and we're erecting a massive "No Vacancy" sign to those who aren't here yet. Good luck to us all."
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Wow! I'm excited to hear that +Danny Sullivan joined Google last month! For a decade, he's been one of the voices I most respected on the web search industry, inside Google or out.

His announcement says, "The goal is to increase the connection between those at Google who work hard on search each day and the public that depends on Google for answers."

Sounds great! We could use that!
Some news! I'm joining Google in a new role to help the public better understand how search works and help Google better hear public feedback & improve. When I retired from search in June, I thought I was done. But I'm excited about the opportunity to help both Google & the public connect better & improve search.
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The 129th Rescue Wing gave a tour to Leadership Mountain View. This partially disassembled helicopter looks like the pug of helicopters.
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Random poll: Do you know what the word "grok" means and where it's from?
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No, I don't know what "grok" means.
Yes, but I don't know where it's from.
I know what book, but I haven't read it.
I've read the book.
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[Tolerance] is an agreement to live in peace, not an agreement to be peaceful no matter the conduct of others. A peace treaty is not a suicide pact.
Tolerance is not a moral precept: It is a peace treaty.

We are brought up to believe that tolerating people is a basic moral good. But this simple approach fails, and can easily be used against us by people who say "Why won't you tolerate my intolerance?" This can happen in everything from our personal lives to the political arena. But it comes from a misunderstanding of what tolerance is.

The way to understand tolerance isn't as a moral absolute: it's as a peace treaty. The difference is that a peace treaty only applies when both sides abide by it.

This is an essay I've had brewing for some time.
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Someone said "we're already screwed with climate change, so why should we care about it?" My response:

Climate disaster is not a binary "it happens" or "it doesn't happen", like a volcano erupting or not erupting. It's a range of outcomes: say, a few million climate refugees or a few hundred million climate refugees. It's like the difference between crashing a car at 30 MPH or at 70 MPH. Either way, you're going to crash, and it will be bad, but for the love of God, you should still slam on the brakes, not the gas!

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SNL knocked it out of the park with Tom Hanks on Black Jeopardy, but I also can't stop rewatching this one, embarrassingly.
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Quote of the Day, from a Redditor:
It's insane, Clinton's Foundation uses its money to:

* provide live-saving AIDS medication to millions of people
* assist farmers in Africa in getting access to seeds/equipment
* help governments with reforestation and renewable energy projects
* develop plans with local governments/businesses to promote physical fitness and health

The Trump foundation on the other hand:

* bribes conservative politicians to avoid prosecution
* purchases paintings of himself in violation of IRS rules
* makes lawsuits against his business "go away" by donating to the people suing him
* supports anti-vaccine campaigns
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This is why Trump having a platform is so pernicious. He celebrates willful ignorance. "Obama said ISIL? Why didn't he say ISIS? Does he think he's better than you?! Don't trust him!" But of course Obama is using the correct term for the wider movement, because he's a leader with actual responsibilities.
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