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Arindam Sen
I fall but I rise again
I fall but I rise again

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Bought an #asuschromebook  ASUS C201 11.6 inches Inch Chromebook (Rockchip , 4 GB, 16GB SSD, Navy Blue). My first chromebook and after a full charge batteries lasted for over 9 hours, possibly due to the lightweight processor and optimized #chromeos  . It surprised me by it's instant boot up and shut down, amazing battery life, ability to handle day to day work, good trackpad and decent screen resolution. Enjoying the experience.

Upgraded to Linux Mint 17.2 with cinnamon 2.6. Process was smooth and it works really well. Plus, added numix theme to decorate the desktop. 

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#ubuntu  15.04 #vividvervet  review: with Unity 7.3.2, solid, stable and easy to use. But doesn't have anything to warrant an upgrade from #ubuntu1404  . Performance is as good as any #gnome3   #linux  distro I have used in 2014-15. 

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A visit to Belur and Shravanabelagola 

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Had a fun filled birthday celebration at Snakes and Ladders, Bannerghatta Road on 1-Apr-2015.

Hi Jeff, one query about installing Bodhi Linux on Win8 machines. I am able to create Bodhi Linux live USB using Linux Mint Image Writer and install Bodhi on Win7 laptops. However, it didn't boot in Win8 machines. Mint Image Writer works fine with other Ubuntu/Fedora forks and very recently I installed Korora 21 on the Win8 laptop, with UEFI, I have. I tried Unetbootin, but no avail, it throws up error after boot splash. Am I missing something here? Please help.


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#bodhilinux  3.0.0 review: with #e19  & #linux  kernel 3.16.0, Bodhi Linux is a superb fork of #ubuntu1404 , a minimalist's delight #bodhi  

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#netrunner  15 review: Based on #kubuntu   #utopicunicorn  , ships with #kde   #plasma5  & #linux-kernel  3.16. It has a whole lot of pre-configured packages that you really don't need to download anything else for regular users. The interface is really refined but I found the distro lagging a bit in resource usage and power consumption.

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Korora 21 review: Linux Mint of the Fedora based operating systems. It looks different from Mint Cinnamon and is actually refreshing. #linux   #fedora   #korora   #cinnamon  

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#korora  21 #cinnamon  review: refreshing distro with superb aesthetics and commendable performance. The apps are cutting edge and it also supports touch screen. I am now formally converted to #fedora  from #ubuntu  :)
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