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BMG Update: Sidekick Pre-Season Training Session
Hey there everyone!! After a brief absence, I'm back behind the keyboard, once again intent on bringing you updates of my hobby projects and stories of my gaming adventures.  As might be fitting for my return, this article intends to do a bit of both... As ...

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BMG Update – Are you Ready to Rumble???
With our second BMG League continuing apace, I decided it
was prime time to organise and host a Batman Tournament at the end of
June.  With just over a month until the
big day, getting everything organised ahead of time would be paramount to its
success.  W...

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Gotham City Streets Mk II – Weathering
While the construction of my latest Gotham table continued,
I decided to try my hand at implementing two more elements to the table –  Stamped concrete pavement Weathered Concrete After all the work that was put into the constructionprocess  and the paintin...

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Gotham City Streets Mk II – Painting
Sourced from  Continuing the progress I’ve been making on my latest gaming
table (first part can be found here ) I’ve begun the painting process
that will hopefully transform this table into something spectacular.  Af...

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BMG Update: Gotham City Streets Mk II - Construction
As some of you might be aware, part way through last year I
attempted to create a modular BMG Board that used magnets to hold everything
together while also providing me with what I thought would be an almost endless
stream of variations as new board sectio...

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Batman Update - On the Case (Pt 2)
Continuing our look into alternative storage options for your BMG miniatures, we look at what happens when your collection gets so large that it can no longer be contained within the books.  When you reach this point, it is an entirely legitimate tactic to ...

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Batman Update - On the Case (Pt 1)
Hey all!  After
spending quite a bit of time focussing on RL stuff, I’ve finally gotten some
time to sit down and compose my thoughts regarding some of the progress I’ve
made on one of my (many) BMG projects I have currently going on.  Of the many irons I h...

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BMG Update - Welcome to Foamcordia
There's little doubt in my mind these days of the importance terrain plays in a miniature wargame.  As I've written previously, I feel terrain is an essential element in the creation of a universe which allows players to maximise their enjoyment of the game...

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Batman Update: The Masked Man
There are few villains that have inspired me more-so than Bane.  It seems that the more I learn about him, the more I am inspired by him hobby-wise.  When I initially ordered by League of Shadows game, the Tom Hardy Bane was my immediate next purchase befor...

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Batman Update: Crikey!! Killer Croc Emerges
Pic done by the very talented grimbro over at Deviantart .   The other week I found an offer on one of the various Facebook Buy / Swap / Sell groups that specialise in Batman Minis.  Specifically it was for Killer Croc who was NIB.  Eager to see how the big...
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