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Stephanie Steeves
Teacher, student, attempting to leave a small mark on this world!
Teacher, student, attempting to leave a small mark on this world!

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What Motivates You?
As a kid, I practiced the violin for hours. Not because I liked practicing, but because I loved perfecting a song. I still love to put on a CD of an orchestra and play along. When I worked on piano, I practiced scales and other technique, not because it was...

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Gorgeous performance of a gorgeous song by a gorgeous lady with a gorgeous voice in a gorgeous dress. Just really want to see this movie!

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Give Thanks...
Have you ever had "one of those days"? Those days where you really should've just not even bothered? Today was one of those days. I should've just stayed in bed and not even tried. I had no patience with my kids, and their noise level was higher than normal...

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Job, the Hurting Human
Haven't written on this blog for too long. I've missed writing. I've missed thinking through stuff by writing. Which is what I'm doing here again. I know I don't have everything right--but I was so excited about what I was reading, I wanted to think through...

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While I'm Waiting...
So I completely forgot about my blog. OK, not really. I just haven't really had the time to write. OK, I have. But I've been putting that time to other uses because it's been really crazy. But today, I'm sick in bed. So I'm writing again. I just realized th...

Started with having no caffeine to having way to much. Like WAY to much. Like mountain dew and 2 things of starbucks. ALmost talked myself into a 3rd, but decided to be mature and limit myself to 2 giant servings of heart attacks waiting ot happen. 

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Are You Living Like a Prisoner?
I invite you to consider 2 scenarios with me. 1. A man is imprisoned for life. He is placed in his cell, and the place is pretty disgusting. Dirty, grimy, and just basically nasty. This man cleans up his cell. Makes it spotless. And as he is allowed and pro...

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Never Have I Ever
Have you ever played "Never Have I Ever"? It's essentially a game to prove how lame you are. At least, that's how I view it. You go around the room and state something you have never done, that you think most people would have done. For instance, when I pla...

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Lessons from 11 Miles
Lessons from Eleven
Miles. Last week, 2 of my best friends (one who drove up from New
Jersey, and one who got spring break during student teaching) and I got to
spend a lot of time hanging out. I was able to work out my schedule so I had a
couple days where...
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