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Yes, Contacts6+ is one of the five apps!
Five Apps to replace iPhone pre-installs when traveling in China
iPhone6 and iPhone6+ are extremely popular in China, so if you use an iPhone, you would fit right in the culture if you also use the same apps people use in China. Some of these apps only has Chinese versions, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. We assume that you know a little bit Mandarin, or you can ask your Chinese friends to install them for you.

1. The first app is WeChat, it will be the app that replaces Messages (iMessage) and FaceTime and Facebook and Twitter.
WeChat has been extremely popular in China, it basically replaces any existing social media apps and even video chatting apps. Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China unless you have VPN, no one ever heard of FaceTime anyway. Without WeChat, you will be left out of your Chinese friend circle and community entirely.

2. The second app is Contacts6+, to replace Phone, Messages and Contacts.
To call or text contacts quickly, use the Contacts6+ app instead of the phone, Messages or Contacts app. It will save you a lot of time, and it supports better quick lookups of Chinese PinYing names. 

3. For driving use Gao De Maps (高德地图) by AutoNavi, to replace Maps and Google Maps
Google Maps is blocked in China unless you use VPN, so consumers are left with the Apple Maps or more popular apps such as Gao De Maps or Baidu Maps. Since the traffic in big cities of China is really bad, the more people use the app, the more accurate and responsive the map becomes. We have found that accurate traffic information has been extremely important if you want to get to places on time in Chinese cities, as better route can be picked in advance. Gao De Maps has the most up-to-date accurate traffic and navigation information. We like that it uses the voice of an well known actress in auto navigation as well.

4. The forth app is ShenZhen Weather (深圳天气)to replace the Weather App.
Besides the day-by-day and hourly weather forecast, the ShenZhen Weather App also provide the radar images and storm path information in China, that is the weather app everyone should use.

5. AliPay(支付宝)and TaoBao (淘宝) to replace Passbook (Apple Wallet) and Apple Pay
Apple Pay doesn’t work in China, and you can find almost any merchandise you can ever dream of on TaoBao (C-C ecommerce site). So, get AliPay and TaoBao, you will find them to be extremely useful.

Last, some more recommendations. Uber will work in major cities in China. But if you travel by air in China, to obtain real-time flight information, also install 商旅纵横 travel apps, and Flightradar24.
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Interesting observation!
The inevitable assimilation of iOS by Android
The trend has been clear, first the screen size expansion of the iPhones,  then the slow down of iPad sales, and now the fallen adoption rate of the Apple Watch. We predict the inevitable assimilation of iOS by Android. 

But what do we actually mean by assimilation? We mean that iOS will lose its uniqueness and prestige. From consumer’s perspective, iPhones will be come no different from merely a high-end smartphone in a market which is dominated by Android phones. They look the same, and work the same. For market analysts, iOS is simply look like a skinned version of Android.

Even before the departure of the grand master Steve Jobs, we have predicted the inevitability of Apple losing its magic power  based on the observation that a closed eco-system will eventually lose out to an open system. The reason is simple, a closed system will only win when it is far superior. When a closed system has lost its edge, there is really no point of staying closed at all. While in the US, people are still arguing that iOS is far more secure than Android with better privacy protection. However, in the growing market like China, the battle has already lost when the Chinese central TV station revealed that iOS system automatically tracks users’ whereabouts, which had made many consumers believe that Android phones are actually more secure to than iPhones.

The doom of the Apple Watch
Apple has enjoyed its glorious years. Comparing to the success of iPod, Apple Watch is doomed to be a failure. Though failure is a relative term, since Apple has sold a lot more watches than many Android watches, it fails because it does not establish enough barrier to separate itself from its competitors. When iPod came into being, there were many competitors as well, but the iPod was a simple product, focused on doing one thing and did a damn good job. When the Apple Watch came out, there were already so many competitors, yet instead of taming the market expectations, Apple decided to generate so much hype with the new Apple Watch. Apple also is trying to accomplish too much on a device that is too small, it would be really difficult to make all the promises  come to fruition. When it does not live up to the expectations, consumers can on longer be fooled. The fashion card really didn’t work when the functionality card lost its momentum. The bottom line is, Apple has failed to create a new category with Apple Watch. And Apple must be more careful when launching the already delayed Apple TV. 

The beginning of the end 
When Steve Jobs passed away, many analysts began to question Apple's ability to continue to innovate. Yet Apple has enjoyed its most glorious years and highest market value since then. Like the rise and fall of any empire, the crack within starts long before the its structure starts to crumble. If we believe that being a closed system is one of the fundamental cause behind Apple’s rise and fall, the departure of the grand master did not create the structural crack. It would be interesting to pin point the exact moment in history when it all starts. Could it be when Scott Forstall left Apple? or could it be when Jony Ive abolished Skeuomorphism? or could it be when Apple started selling mini iPad and larger iPhones?

If we agree that Apple Watch is a failure and Jony Ive is the one to blame, then we can easily see that crack started from right where he is, or at least see the sign of the end of his era. Though only a few people missed the quilted design, hardly anyone argue against the merit of the new taste master’s simplistic design. We don’t question Ive’s ability to design and to server as the taste maker of Apple. The problem does not lie within his design or taste, the problem is that Apple put too much emphasis on it. 

During the early years, Apple’s iPhone design did stand out to be unique enough for Apple to play the design card, and to be entangled in a battery of lawsuits with many Android makers. Now, with so many better looking and bettered designed Android phones on the market at lower price, iPhone’s design looks more and more like a skinned version of Android. The more Apple talk about the look and feel of its product, the more sounded like wine tasting, only when there is no alcohol in it! Ive’s taste buds maybe powerful, but it only become silly talk when people are sober. 

If the design is not the magic, then what is?  

Evolution or assimilation?
Many believe that Apple has evolved, and the simplistic design, larger sized iPhones, wearables, and Apple-Pay are all signs of natural evolution. But when species evolve, stronger beings are created. What Apple has achieved is rather the contrary, exposing itself in more and more market segments, while losing its grip on a tightly controlled closed system. In other words, Apple is being assimilated by the crowed eco-system. Apple is no longer able to control everything, it started to make compromise and unwanted trade-offs, the fundamental drawback of being a closed system has started to show. We thought it was interested that Apple has made the Swift language open source. Apple seems to be playing a catch up role in more and more areas. When Apple made iPhone6+, it is competing in Android territory. Though record sales has been achieved with iPhone6’s,  the weaknesses of Apple has become clear. Defects and Bugs have appeared more often, many UI’s designs are appeared to be twists and hacks, such as the "Double touch Home button without pressing it" hack, to pull down the screen. It started to show that the three button design of an Android phone is much easier to use with one hand when the screen has grown to a bigger size.

We recently ran cross an app called Contacts6+, it claims to solve the problem by inversing the top-to-bottom design of iOS apps to a bottom-to-top design, and by placing all the control buttons at the bottom of the screen instead of the top, claiming it is much easier to use by one hand. If this signals a trend of iOS App design, then it also signals a trend in Apple’s loosing up on its App design guidelines. More freedom in App design could leads to a more open system. 

Elements of the magic power
If Apple has lost its magic power, then it must has something to do with Jony Ive.  But we don’t believe that he is the sole person responsible. It became obvious when we understood the key roles Steve Jobs had played at Apple. Besides been the taste maker, he also served as the visioneer of the company, and the stringent quality controller. We believe that these three roles all together are actually the elements of Apple’s magic power. They enable Apple to create a closely controlled system which is far superior than its competitors at that time.  If Jony Ive and Tim Cook add up can’t fill that shoe, Apple will begin to lose its magic power. We are not saying that they aren’t good quality controllers, or innovative visioneers, they are just not stringent enough, or not great enough to generate enough superiority for its closed system.

Apple has to learn to compete head on with the Android eco-system. The more player can be on their side, the better odds they have to come on top. Sooner or later, Apple has to open up, and when that happen, they have a long and hard catch up battle to fight. Otherwise, their market share will be nibbled away, and they may become a minority player with prestige and lot of pride. As we have predicted that the crumble of the empire will start from its retail stores once all the magic power is gone. Though similar fate like the Sharper Image stores aren’t something we expect to happen anytime soon.

With tens of billions of dollars of cash at hand, Apple will continue to be a dominate player in the consumer electronics market for a long time. We rather hope to see many innovative products from Apple that consumers can enjoy. We are not predicting an imminent decline of market share or decline of stock value of Apple, but with Android breathing down on iOS’s neck, even Apple Music will certainly not save Apple, and more and more people wills start to see signs of the inevitable assimilation, and resistance is futile.
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Waveline's Facebook page is now at

Thanks for everyone's support!
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iPhone6 must use Contacts6+, for fastest contacts lookup.
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Waveline just launched a new app on the App Store, for iPhone 6 and 6+,
its called Contacts 6 Plus.
Contacts+ (Contacts6+) tosses away the conventional top-down layout of regular apps, and introduces a unique a bottom-to-top layout style to design keyboards, buttons and contact list. It completely eliminates the difficulties in operating larger-screened iPhones, and brings back the good-old one-handed and thumb-operated contact lookup operation. It brings perfection to iPhone6+, 6 and 5. 

iPhone6 must use Contacts6+, for one handed operation and fastest contact lookup.

When using iPhone6+, sometimes iPhone6 and 5, one has to use one hand to hold the phone, and use other hands' index finger to swipe the screen up and down, tapping many times before making a call or sending a text. Sometimes one even has to employ the "Double touch Home button without pressing it" hack, to pull down the screen.

Contacts+ is developed specially for larger-screened iPhones to enable fast, one-handed contacts lookups. It reinvents the way to list the contacts by placing most frequently used contacts at the bottom of the handset instead of at the top, which make it much easier for people who enjoy making a call using only one hand. Quick and accurate lookups are achieved by using three types of keyboards, such as the intelligent fuzzy T9 keyboard with bigger keys.  Contacts+ can be operated comfortably with a thumb,  and can save valuable time for every iPhone user.

In this age of efficiency and productivity, if you have more then a hundred of contacts, Contacts+ is a must have for your iPhone6+, or iPhone6 or iPhone5.

No user data is ever collected, Contacts+ is secure.

Contacts+ makes iPhones more enjoyable, they are still a phone after all!  All thumbs…thumbs up for Contacts+!;
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What's up with the iPhone 7!
Apple Watch runs fast

Apple certainly has done a great job innovating, and with its great ambition to put a computer on everyone’s wrist. The Apple Watch clearly justifies and defines a new category of devices, like the iPad has done.

But with the iPad sells slowing down, is this comparison a positive sign or a negative one?
Not every great ambition from Apple has turned out the right way, like Apple Map, Apple TV, iMessage, iCloud. Will Apple Watch fall short to something similar to the Google Glass which never managed to get into main stream? or something like the 3D TV, that most people think it is cool to have, but really didn’t find much use of it? 

Despite the fact that Apple Watch is a cool gadget, we are actually bearish on it! We think that it is too small a device to do anything useful for general public, and too limited in its coupling with iPhone to spread popularity among social networks. After all, everything it does, iPhone already does better, and more radiation may not be a good thing.

A computer on everyone’s wrist, might not be as easily achieved as a PC on everyone’s desktop. 

Apple might have done a better job had it been a more open platform, such as allowing iMessage to work with other messaging platform such as WeChat or SnapChat or What’s App. Heart beat can become catchy if other platform help spread it. Apple Watch might also have a better adoption rate had it being able to couple with Android devices. 

People are still digesting the potential of iPad, it will take a little more time for new apps and services to gain more foot hold on the iPad platform. If we were Tim Cook, we would have the Apple Watch come out one year later, and build a legacy on more open platform such that iOS would work with Android, that would definitely be the winning strategy. 
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A few of our friends have over 2000 contacts, how many do you have?
Use PhoneBook Clean Master to clean up contacts, and keep always connected. Use PhoneBook+ to locate any contact quickly in less than a few seconds, even if your contacts grow over 1000, or 2000, or 5000 even. The more popular you get, the more you will like Waveline PhoneBook apps on iPhones. The original iPhone contact app is cumbersome, so, install PhoneBook+, to manage thousands of contacts. 
PhoneBook CleanMaster
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Clean up iPhone contacts, use PhoneBook CleanMaster
Phonebook CleanMaster is still the best app to help tidy up contacts and groups, the number one paid iPhone contacts management app. It provides a quick way to cleanup duplicate contacts, merge contact groups, find contacts with no phone numbers, etc. The operation can be carried out for individual contact. The app also supports batch operation which can clean up many contacts at once. 

Always remember to backup your contacts before batch operation. 

PhoneBook CleanMaster
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This was how EasyFile Icon looked like in order to pass Apple's twisted review process before iOS7 (The icon on the left). We got really frustrated because Apple reviewer claim that it resemblers the iPhone folder icon (The icon on the right). A beautiful icon (the centre icon) had to be deformed to something ugly in order to be accepted by the App Store. But after iOS7, the EasyFile icon no longer resembles the Apple icon (Wasn't really close from the beginner), so, we recovered its the original look and feel.
Easy File can be found at
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XStorage helps manage private cloud, brings Webdav drives to a user friendly level. 

Waveline has launched two apps: XStorage and XStorage Pro. These apps provides a new way to manage files and documents on iPhones, and also makes better use of Webdav drives. Waveline even provides a server software which can turn anp PC’s into a companion storage. 

The interface provided by XStorage is unique, and it provides a brand new way of managing Webdav drives that is user friendly. 

The server can be downloaded at, and the apps are at
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