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7 Reasons Why I love You: 1.You Can be Yourself When You Are Around Me. 2. You Are Alwayz There Too Hold Me And You Never Let Me Go. 3. You Make Me Smile And Blush And Laugh. 4. You Say The Most Funniest Stuff To Make Mee Laugh. 5. You Make Me Feel Loved By Your Kisses You Give Me. 6. Everyday We Spend The Lil Amount Of Time Together And I Fall In Love With You More And More Everyday. 7. You Are Always There For Me When I Need You The Most. 

Okay When Someone Calls You A Bitch you Always Say I'm Not A Bitch I'm The Bitch And Too You It's Miss Bitch Thanks. Now Have A Great Day!

Sometiems I dont think I have the strength to fight anymore i've been fighting to keep my friends and all I am is a failer and I messed up big time how can I get my friends back. :'( please comment I need help and strength from you guys

Sometimes I just feel like giving up on thing's what's the real point of trying thing's I know i've made mistakes in the past that I totally regret and I wish I could take all that stuff back I don't have anyone really except for my family and a couple of my friends that hate my guts right now and i'm srry for that. I'm done doing thing's to hurt my friends cause it's just not worth my time to hurt them and I don't wanna lose them. :( But I already know I did lose them.......... :'(
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