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Using ORE to create Castle Refuge

One Roll Engine has a system that allows for the random assignment of traits to a what they call a Company - in this case, that means the Tommorow Legion and Castle Refuge.

This post will be the process and results!

I'll post a link to the rules if you'd like to follow along.

The Tommorow Legion and its leaders, the Council of Hope, are Regionally Influential. That means they will roll 12d10, looking for pairs.

The rolls are:

1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10

ORE rolls are written out as Width (number of dice that rolled the same) x Height (the number you rolled). That gives us:

2x1 2x3 2x4 and 5, 8, 9 and 10 to use as stand-alone rolls.

Let's see what we get!

The x1 Table is for Spies, Gossips and Rumormongers!

We have access to Gossipy Old Folks. Considering the Council was formed by a group of marooned Dwarves, I can't say I am surprised. This means that Castle Refuge has a culture of shame and gossip. Some of the old timers can be a little self-righteous at times, expressed by a tendency to shame those who transgress the rules. Given that Erin Tarn and Lord Coake himself visit Castle Regude from time to time, their may he a little culture of hero-worship and making sure others "measure up" to those who have gone before.

This also means that anything unusual will quickly become noticed, as everyone tends to know everyone and be a little on their business.

The x3 table gives us Ore Laden Mountains!

A width of 2 (2x3) means we have Fetile Foothills. No surprise, we're in the Ozarks following a magical apocolypse! Something valuable is in the surrounding hills - what is it? The actual location of the real Fortress Ozark that Castle Refuge is built on is Lead Hill, Arkansas so it's a safe bet some useful material is in there.

Whatever we decide it is, the Council has set aside a portion of the profits generated by the sale of material to fund public art. Dhama Hammerheart and her Clan are Dwarves who believe a Dwarfhome is not complete without beauty. It's not just walls and roofs, it's the spaces in which people dwell. Castle Refuge isn't just safe, it's becoming beautiful as well and attracting artisans to perform at a newly-built theatre.

The x4 table is Lush Woodlands!

2 means our woodlands includes Pleasant Copses - the woods prove fruit, shade and amazing lumber, perfect for building. Even in an age.of high-science and sorcery, lumber is still a valuable resource. The Council has commissioned the building of several watercraft, using them as a cheap, disposeable way to transport goods and people. The boats
can be disassembled and rebuilt into structures downriver, just like the old flatboats were used down the Mississippi so long ago.

Some of these wooden-hulled craft have been reinforced with Techno-Wizardry devices, letting the anachronistic craft to stand up in combat to anything the Empire of the Coalition States or Federation of Magic use as rivercraft along with any random threats they come across. Given that this is Rifts, I'm officially calling these Viking Dwarven Techno Wizard Battle Barges.

That is all our sets, let's look at individual results now.

5 - Murderous Thugs with No Moral Center

Oh, interesting. Somehow we have a group working with the Council of Hope that quite aren't in the same ethical page. Considering the recent history of the Juicer Uprising and Siege of Tolkeen, I think this represents of group of powerful refugees who are on the "side" of the Council in that they oppose the same groups, but this group is willing to take steps beyond what the Council might wish.

This isn't an equal relationship - the Legion has something to group needs, enough to at least pay attention to the Council from time to time. I'm going to say that after the Uprising and the Coaltion taking over Fort El Dorado, Castle Refuge is one of the remaining places where Juicers and Crazies can get refills of meds and have access to doctors and cyber-specialists. Castle Refuge also has one of the few centers able to offer Juicer Detox, the only way to survive the Juicer process.

One of the members of the Council of Hope is a detoxed Juicer named Isaiah Comstock, he's a protege of Erin Tarn and Councilor of Education.

8 - Coast

Fits with what is on the map. We know that the river next to the castle is now a major source of trade and information and irrigation. Works with our Viking Dwarven Techno Wizard Battle Barges, too!

9 - Charismatic Elite

Well, this certainly fits. Dhara Hammerheart and her Clan, the Council of Hope, the Tommorow Legion, your characters - all are accorded genuine appreciation and respect. People are coming to Castle Refuge not just to find safety or because they are afraid, but because they have unspoken respect for and belief in the heroes of the Legion. This ties in well to the Culture of Shame - Legionnaires are held to a high standard and if seen as lacking, that respect can quickly turn to anger.

Given the current state of North America in Rifts, people need heroes now, they need someone to stand up against the human supremacist and anti-magic ideals of the Coaltion and to fight off enslavement to various mad men of the Federatiom of Magic. Rightly or wrongly, they expect you to be those heroes and they treat you like the heroes they know you are.

10 - Culture of Inquisitiveness

Since the fall of Tolkeen, there has been a mass migration of knowledge. Scholars and Operators who once stayed behind Tolkeen's walls have now been turned into refugees, some of them landing at Castle Refuge.

This has sparked intellectual curiosity in the populace. People are eager to learn new things and are happy to meet new and strange dimensional visitors and other visiting aliens. This marks them as very different from most communities in Rifts, which tend to be very insular.

The downside is that this curiosity tends to make people busybodies and nosy, which also leads into our cuture of shame.

So, to put it all together:

Castle Refuge sits on a a major local river (as yet unamed) that is a tributary to the Mississippi. Plentiful timber of amazing quality and metals (or crystals, or something as yet unidentified) are harvested from nearby hills and forests and turned into Viking Dwarven Battle Barges that are used to patrol the river as well as providing some additional funding separate from the Council's usual source of funds. Some of these funds are used to finance public art, including at least one theatre.

The population is welcoming and proud of being a part of the Legion. Legionnaires are viewed as heroes, expected to live up to the famous names that helped found the Castle and the Council of Hope. They are intelligent and are becoming ever more multicultural, but they do tend to be nosy - the feeling of self-righteous pride can lead to some people being a little zealous to make sure everyone is following the rules - perhaps because they feel as if they cannot measure up themselves. While the community does not endorse this outright, everyone seems to find themselves gossiping whenever something unfortunate happens.

Despite the often sudden public backlash, a proper apology and a show that the offender has "started acting properly again" is often enough to earn forgiveness. The populace is quick to point out flaws, but eager to have their heroes and citizens back, as long as they follow the rules.

People feel this way towards themselves and each other because of their faith in and respect of those who lead them. Before the Council was formed, the populace tried to elect Dhara Hammerheart Queen, but she refused, instead ordering a Council to be formed, so all voices could be heard. Her magnaminous and humble act won over the people and they accord that same respect to everyone wearing the Legion uniform. People living in Castle Refuge and it's surroundings want to be here.

However, not everyone believes in the ideology of heroism anymore. A group of refugees from both the Juicer Uprising have seen the Coalition's new definition of Total Warfare and are prepared to respond in kind. They oppose the enemies of the Legion, but the actions they are potentially willing to take would stun those in the Council of Hope. Their presence is a ticking time bomb that, when it explodes, may change the political situation forever.

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