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We Had *The Talk*
Monday July 24 2017 The Fire Talk. Comes with summer and thunderstorms and from a spring and summer that produced highly flammable and prevalent cheat grass and weeds after an unprecedented winter of moisture. The Fire Talk came up a couple of weeks ago as ...

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Oreana Fourth of July Parade
July 4 2017 Nothing says patriotism more than a July 4th parade. Nothing says JULY 4th PARADE more than the custom Oreana Fourth of July Parade. You won't see the it on television or Twitter or in the newspapers. You'll only see it by special invitation, an...

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Hillbillie Willie the Explorer
Monday July 3 2017 Hillbillie Willie the ex-racehorse Standardbred's got a lot on his plate right now. Since he's now a bona fide endurance horse , and is in training for his next ride, he's covering a lot of local desert trails, exploring parts of Owyhee h...

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They Don’t Use Real Bullets, Do They?
Wednesday June 28 2017 That’s the first question I thought to ask, after I signed up for a Cowboy Mounted Shooting clinic. Or is it Mounted Cowboy Shooting. See? I didn’t even know what it was called. I signed up on a whim, just because they seemed to be wa...

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Tevis Cup Magic: Top Book Award in Equine Media Awards at AHP Conference
June 19 2017 "It is not for the faint of heart: a hundred hard-won miles of rock, dust, elevation, uphill (19,000 cumulative feet of climbing), downhill, (22,000 cumulative feet of descending), imposing mountains, plunging canyons, wild rivers, wilderness, ...

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Branding Day: Part 2
Thursday June 1 2017 Part 1 is here. There was a little twist to this branding day. After lunch, a couple of cowboys mounted up and went in the Other Pen. Don's longhorns needed branding. Fortunately the longhorns are rather gentle compared to those mean ol...

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Watch Out Kitties
Monday May 15 2017 Mo, the big black cat, is always getting in fights with some gray tomcat who keeps trying to sneak in to get his cat food. There's always a horrible yowling caterwauling ruckus when they clash. I run out to try to yell them apart. Half th...

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Branding Day: Part I
Tuesday April 18 2017 It was branding day 5 weeks ago on local ranches. Friends and family gathered to help Don Barnhill brand his herd. Before lunch it was the new calves and a few new mean ol' mama angus cows that got branded and vaccinated. Here are a fe...

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2017 Antelope Island Endurance Ride: Weather Wonderificous II
Friday April 14 2017 This post is to replace the previous one… which I meant to put on my endurance blog, Merri Travels. It is now up on there , for your read/re-reading and shivering pleasure about the most stimulating weather we had over the weekend! And,...

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2017 Antelope Island: Weather Wonderificous
2017 Antelope Island: Weather Wonderificous April 11 2017 By Merri Well, yes, there was a little of the Worst of Times too, though looking back, it's with a sense of humor and a laugh and rather a bit of giddiness at knowing you really w...
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