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We are all proud to announce the release of TrackMills newest game: Cat Ninja. All the props and praise go to FlynnsPixels / Richman Stewart. He put together a wonderfully fantastic game. He was/is a pleasure to work with and is extremely talented. Its a privilege to have his game here on trackmill.

The game is a fun twist on the classic platform game where you need to collect objects and find the endpoint. However, there are many fun obstacles that can get in your way keeping maps dynamic and interesting. The map editor is extremely open ended and expansive. With the ability to make multi-room maps for some really fun gameplay. I can see you guys creating maps that are as epic as the standalone version.

My words don't do the game justice. Here are the links:

standalone version of the game -
maps database -
map editor -

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New cover photo and profile picture thanks to UnderOath33!

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Maximum Frustration 2 is a huge hit thanks to all of YOU! Thank you for playing maximum frustration two here at trackmill. You guys are what makes our games the best they can be! #gameon

Favorite thing about Trackmill? #gaming  

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