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VR Has Sold More Businesses in the World Than Anyone
VR Has Sold More Businesses in the World Than Anyone


There Are More Buyers Than Businesses for Sale.
When you are in the business sales/brokerage business, every business listing and sale creates a large pool of potential buyers. In reality only 10% of prospects who buy businesses, buy the business they first inquired about. Only 30% end up buying a business in the same category. Part of our job as business intermediaries is to get to know buyers so that we can introduce them to businesses that meet their needs and interests. We can’t promise that we have a buyer for a specific business today, but we will have a pool of excellent prospects on the very first day a business is listed for sale.

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Small businesses in Savannah are thriving and growing, according to a a dozen panelists who spoke at the 2nd Annual "State of Small Business Summit" sponsored by Wells Fargo and the business mentoring group SCORE that met recently in the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. "The sectors where growth was most prevalent," reported Armstrong State University Economist Mike Toma, "were tourism and hospitality, retail and trade and small businesses and health services." To read Julia Richey’s full report on the Summit, go to

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Holiday Gatherings Are a Good Time to Discuss Estate Planning.
As you gather with family this holiday season, reminiscing about the past and enjoying the present, it’s also a good time to talk about your plans for the future, so say Michael Smith and Richard Barid, local Savannah attorneys who specialize in estate planning and special needs planning. They make an excellent case. You can read the entire article at

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30 Ways to Improve Your Odds of Selling at the Best Price in 2014.
We would be happy to send you our free list. Just call 912-925-2025 or email You may not be able to implement all of the ideas listed. In fact some may not be even be relevant to your situation, but the more you can implement, the greater your chances of not only selling your business, but selling it for the best possible price. You can use these ideas today to begin readying your business for sale. Incorporating many of these ideas and thoughts into your day-to-day operation will benefit your business today and have it in good shape to sell when you are ready.

3 Signs that 2014 May Be a Good Year for You to Sell Your Business.
You’ve weathered the recession. Your sales and or earnings are stable or increasing. You have 3 consecutive years of stable of increasing sales & earning. The last item may be critical. Buyers and bankers generally need to see 3 years of stable or increasing sales & earnings. Business owners always try to minimize taxes so the bottom line on your tax returns doesn’t tell the whole story. A trained, experienced business intermediary can prepare a “normalized income statement” that will more clearly show “seller’s discretionary earnings, which is the first step toward valuing your business.

Are you thinking of possibly selling your business in the next 5 years? We’d be happy to send you our list of “Top 30 Tips for Selling Your Business at the Best Price.” Incorporating these ideas in your day-to-day operation, will benefit your business today and put it in good shape when you do decide to sell. Your chances for selling your business for the best price will be that much greater when you are ready to sell. Just call 912-925-2025 or email us at

Now that we’ve all “given thanks” for our many blessings, it’s time to look forward and start planning for next year’s success. Those plans should include ways to grow the business. As business brokers, we are always looking at the past to determine current value, but buyers also want to be reassured that the business hasn’t maxed out. Taking the time to identify ways to grow your business gives you a game plan for the future. If you are thinking of selling, it will also show buyers that there’s a strong basis for an upside, lending additional support for the asking price.

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VR Business Sales Savannah welcomes Lorrence "Larry" O'Brien to the VR team of business intermediaries. Larry brings 28+ years of management and technical consulting experience in research, procurement and project administration for engineering, environmental and construction-related projects. In addition to owning his own business, he has established and managed regional offices throughout the U.S. including Puerto Rico.

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If you are thinking about selling your business—now or in the future—start by speaking with local banks about pre-approving a loan. The buyer with all cash is all-too rare. Being able to direct a buyer to a bank that has already qualified your financials is a great plus. In the process you’ll learn more about their requirements, which will help you be better prepared when the time comes to sell. For a list of our top 30 tips for getting maximum value for your business, or to learn more about the selling process, call us at 912-925-2025.
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