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Al Turrisi
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Attends Wagner College,University of Metaphysics, Certified Behavioral Analysis
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Al Turrisi

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Al Turrisi

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When you look back over 2015 did you have any of the following experiences?

Not enough new business in the sales pipeline

What was there was taking too long to close

What closed was not enough to support the sales growth you wanted

If you experienced just one of these check this out

How to generate more leads,shorten sales cycle,increase sales,make more money,
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Al Turrisi

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Do You want to better use of your networking and generate More Leads
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Al Turrisi

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If you ever wondered why you did not make the sale. Check this out
Al Turrisi
The Importance Of Alignment Of Strategy & Intention In Sales by Al Turrisi
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Al is often referred to as an innovator, out there on the ledge ready to meet any challenge. He enjoys brain storming and can come up with more ideas in a short time than anyone can imagine. He has an innate ability to look at things in a fresh new way.  Once he understands your business issues he will come up with new ideas to solve your business challenges.  When he identifies an opportunity, he will create a solution, there is no stopping him.  It is important to know that Al is not locked into “this is the only way to do things”. His mind has the ability to explore new and innovative ways to approach a problem. If he was working with you and your organization he would be able to come up with ways to give you more than a competitive edge.  If you found yourself in a crisis, you would want him on your team. The thought process of “I can’t” doesn’t exist for him. This is due to his natural ability not to be limited to today’s tactics, strategies and practices and to be spontaneous and creative. If you were in the NBA and there were three seconds left on the clock and the score was tied, he would come up with a play that would get the ball through the hoop and win the game. Al is a visionary with an eye on the future. He is capable of anticipating things before they happen, being bottom line, bypassing anything that can possibly get in the way and get right to it.  You can count on him to find shortcuts to success without sacrificing values, principles, profitability or quality.


Kathy Kolbe, President

Kolbe Corp

  • Wagner College,University of Metaphysics, Certified Behavioral Analysis
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    Certified Behavioral Analysist, present
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