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Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages

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The spacious Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages on Murphy Canyon Road in San Diego is ready to serve everyone, from the golf aficionado to the more casual sports dabbler.
Barry Mahlberg, center owner and director of golf, notes customers don’t have to be proficient at either golf or baseball to enjoy the recreation his center offers.
“We touch all the bases – from those serious about their game to those just looking for a little fun,” said Mahlberg. “We are also really family-oriented.”
Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages features 72 lighted natural grass and artificial turf hitting stations as well as a two-tiered driving range with sheltered practice area, putting greens, chipping greens and more. There is a pro shop; lessons are available; and the center offers a program for kids.
Ten baseball and four softball batting cages provide additional fun. Rentals of clubs and batting helmets plus offerings in the pro shop make Stadium Golf Center a one-stop-shop for entertainment.
With its central location and myriad recreation options, Stadium Golf Center provides a uniquely fun alternative to the usual dinner-and-a-movie option on date night. For individuals embarking on a new dating relationship, Mahlberg said splitting a bucket of balls creates plenty of opportunity for conversation. He also said that spending time hitting golf balls or taking some swings in the batting cages can provide a refreshing change of pace for longer-term couples looking to spice up their relationships.
Today, time is at a premium more than ever before, and Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages recognizes that.
“We offer a quality experience at a reasonable price in a time frame that works,” said Mahlberg. “Plus, we provide a great chance to get outside, step away from the today’s digital world and enjoy the beautiful San Diego area and weather.”
Both attention to detail and outstanding customer service are features that Mahlberg believes set Stadium Golf Center apart. The center replaces its golf balls – all 55,000 of them – with new balls every 90 days. Mahlberg likens the golf balls at a driving range or golf center to the food at a restaurant. Their quality is essential to contributing to an overall positive experience.
“It’s a high priority for us to offer a new bucket of brand new balls as a way to elevate the experience at Stadium Golf Center,” he said, adding that the center resells its used balls regularly to other facilities.
Golf Digest magazine previously ranked Stadium Golf Center as one of the top ranges in the country, citing how professionally it was run and noting that the center features excellent teaching and operations staffs.
“Stadium Golf Center is a very comfortable facility. We take care of our customers and provide a good experience,” said Mahlberg.
The center is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. To check out the many recreation options and programs of Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages, visit the center online at
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Cast vs Forged
What is the difference between a cast iron and a forged Iron? This is a question that I get almost daily, and it is a very legitimate question considering that the golf club industry continues to elevate, if not at least differentiate, its forged offerings.
Let us first take a look at the actual, physical, manufacturing differences.
Casting is the process where metal is heated until molten. While in the molten or liquid state it is poured into a mold or vessel to create a desired shape.
Forging is the application of thermal and mechanical energy to steel billets or ingots to cause the material to change shape while in a solid state.
What does this mean to the player?
A forged iron is typically made of a softer metal. Impact can feel and sound less "clicky", although golf ball choice can influence this.
A forged iron is generally less forgiving than a cast iron (although the manufacturing process does not determine this).
Thus, a cast iron can feel/sound sharper at impact. Again, golf ball choice can influence this. Cast irons are also generally more forgiving. It must be stressed that the manufacturing process itself does not make this so.
I remember, many years ago, reading several blind experiments of touring Pros hitting unmarked heads of identical shape and size, with some heads being forged and other being cast. The consensus was that most could not differentiate between the two. It must be remembered though, that these experiments were conducted with the balata ball. A very soft covered golf ball. There is a difference in feel and sound of a forged iron and a cast iron when struck by a hard covered ball such as a range ball vs. a premium golf ball.
What can we expect for the average player? Most of this decision is a personal preference. Thousands of golf tournaments have been won with forged irons, and (especially in the last 25 years) thousands of tournaments have been won with cast iron sets.
When you are ready for your next iron set, make an appointment with your local PGA Professional Club Fitter to discuss these two options, test hit potential iron candidates, and finalize your custom specifications.
Mike Barreras, PGA
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San Diego's Premiere Golf & Baseball Practice Facility Since 1995 - We Care About "Your" Game!
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I would like to welcome everybody to my Club Fitting Corner. This is the inaugural post to the Corner, and it is my hope that this will be a place where you will learn about all aspects of professional PGA Club Fitting, new equipment, interaction of you the player to your golf clubs, and general Golf industry and current event news, in a blog format.

I plan on a weekly format, although I may add to the corner more frequently, if the mood hits me, or as current events dictate. The content will be informative, yet casual in style. The goal is not to be overly technical, but to be educational, informative, and fun.

My name is Michael Barreras. I am a 2 star PGA Certified Professional and I specialize in Club Fitting. The Club Fitting Center here at Stadium is exceptional, and I am extremely happy to be here. We utilize a photo based launch monitor, Ping nFlight launch monitor software, and of course a world class practice facility.

I would like to invite players of every skill level, to tune in, sit back, relax and enjoy reading the Club Fitting Corner, in the coming year.
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