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Just in case you guys haven't seen this, Carl and I head off on an adventure to Bree, told by Mr Gloy in our One Ring winter mini-campaign.

Ohai, so I'm now taking the helm alongside +Tim Harper to keep all you guys in check. Be nice now. ;)

We tried playing my AFF adventure last night but one guy didn't show up. We're going to play tonight instead, but I'm going to need another player. The character's already made so all you have to do is turn up at at 7pm GMT tonight. Is anyone game?

Some news for you from the Arion Games forums: The test run for Blacksand has arrived. The paperback looks great, although there's a positioning on the front cover that needs changing on the hardback cover. This'll take a little longer, but I'm assuming unless they release the two versions together Blacksand will be released in about a week or so! 

I think you all know who I am now. ;)
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