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One thing Facebook gets right: separating friend request notifications from other notifications. Esp. important for Google+ and Twitter, where the graph is directed.

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Lameness factor = people in your circle - people with you in their circle

The single most interesting data that Google+ will have.

I'll admit, the worst part about Google+ is the delay before the red notifications box is populated. I find it difficult to believe that this is a technical limitation; are they hiding it for a second hoping it won't distract me from whatever initially led me to the site?

You know, I would really like this if it let me +1 other peoples' +1's.

Still can't tell how this is supposed to be less bad than Facebook.

I'm not convinced that explicitly declaring my relationships (as in Circles) is the correct approach.

After I click the circle to add someone to, the menu stays there and disappears when I hover away. Feels like no closure.

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Google+ suggests that I add "Noah Tye" to my circles.

I can't click on people's names to learn more about them before adding them to circles.
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