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Andreea Denisa
Visele si sperantele nu ni le poate lua nimeni!
Visele si sperantele nu ni le poate lua nimeni!

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Cakes and Sweets-Prajituri si dulciuri
The best combination between sweet, crunchy and salty. Sponge with walnuts filled with salted caramel and cream. Combinatie perfecta dintre dulce, sarat si crocant. Pandispan cu nuci umplut cu caramel sarat si frisca. I will show you few more... Red nose cu...

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Birthcakes- Torturi
My dears thats my cakes from january 2017 until now...i will try to write more often. I will put other sweets and food  on another post... Cam acestea sunt torurile mele de la inceputul anului. Voi pune si dulciurile si mancarea in cate o postare...retete n...

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Watermelon- Lubenita
A really nice birth cake with red sponge and red pudding .

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Beer Can Cake - Doza de bere
Tort cu crema de ciocolata .. Chocolate cake. Am realizat un tort din blat insiropat si mouusse de este foarte reusit :) Simple cake made by sponge and chocolate mousse.

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Tort cu frisca si sos de ciocolata. Cake with double cream and chocolate topping. Am facut tortul de ziua fiicei mele. I made the cake for my daughter. Its a very simple cake.. sponge, double cream, chocolate topping and fondant.

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Chocolate Cake 'Spiderman'- Tort de ciocolata Spiderman
I had the ocasion to make a nice cake ..Spiderman. ''When the night is coming Spiderman is arriving''. I made a cake with chocolate and fondant. \it's takes some time but n enjoy it :). Tort de ciocolata si pasta de zahar. 

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Profiteroles- Profiterol
Well my dears..that desert its one of my best :)..  It is easy to make and faster to eat :D :D I was thinking to bake something So that its what I think Profiteroles i was baking And the other were just eating :D Portions:1 Total Time: 1 hr INGREDIENTS: 75 ...

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Bounty & Snickers Cake- Prajitura Bounty & Snickers
I was thinking about about a good combination.. and i found it :)..Bounty and Snickers..its very nice..   Servings: 24 Total Time: 1hr 30 min SPONGE: 6 eggs a pinch of salt 3 TBS sunflower oil 6 TBS sugar 4 TBS flour 2 TBS cocoa powder  1 tsp baking powder ...

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Pizza with ham , smoked ham and sausages-Pizza cu sunca si carnat
 When you don't have time to cook a lot ...a pizza it's really great. I made a pizza with ham , smoked ham, sausages, grated cheddar, peppers...It was really let me show you how i made it :) Servings : 8-10 Total time: 1hr DOUGH : 14-15 tablespoon...

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Olive Oil Bread-Paine cu ulei de masline
Hello my dears .. at last I am back  after so long time.  Thanks God I have a new laptop  and now I can manage everything. I tried to make home bread ..and of course I did it and its tasty. So let's see how to make it. Servings: 2 Preparation time: 15-20 mi...
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