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Faith Wynn-Patience
accept me for who i am or not at all
accept me for who i am or not at all
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so true

bye bye to all the all the living creatures who are really amazing and good looking you all deserve a big hug see ya

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I  love this song by Christina Aguilera  to all my ex's boyfriends  I just want say thank you make me a fighter

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When Did Open-Minded Go Out Of Style?

Is it just me or did being open-minded go extinct? Maybe it when out of style when personal responsibility did.

One of the best things about social networking, and Google+ in particular, is the open exchange of ideas. However, for that to occur we all need to be 'open' to hearing ideas we may not agree with and do so without rejecting them. We don't have to agree with all the ideas that are shared, but we do have to be open and receptive to ll of them being shared.

Lacking an open-mind to other ideas than your own is a necessity for learning, growth and ultimately survival. I find it to be a common problem in the broken relationships that I help repair. An 'it's my way or the highway' attitude leads to failure (and loneliness).

Some of the discussions I start on Google+ can be controversial, and understandably not everyone is going to agree with my point of view. I'm fine with people disagreeing with me, but when people want to shout down or silence those with differing points of view we all have a problem.

If you 'want to see only what you want to see' that's your choice, but keep it to yourself so the rest of us can respectfully share ideas with each other.

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it's the worst when most people think your high especially if your like really happy and usually your quiet... because im not

life is not the best thing in the world but its what you make it that's the best thing in life live it up

Comment your favorite televison show 
mine is #criminalminds  

who knows maybe some day you reach your goal just got to keep believing becaus ei certainly believe in you...

LIve life to its fullest while you can mistakes are made and some will fade but wont go away no matter how hard you try just keep pushing harder and i'll fight for you as long as you fight for me.
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