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News and information on the Kenyan Coastline
News and information on the Kenyan Coastline


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The 2015 Friends of Kenya billfish competition was held over the 3rd and 4th of March. The boat auction took place on the evening of the 2nd March at Hemingways Watamu.

The two day event gives fishermen the option of staying out at sea and fishing overnight, giving the opportunity for broadbill fishing in addition to the typical marlin and sailfish that the teams try to catch during the day.

Most boats chose to return to Watamu overnight, but some of those that did stay out in the choppy conditions had some luck with boradbill, with one being caught, and one getting away.

This year's winnder was Shuwari from Diani, owned by Raymond Matiba, and fished by Craig Grifiths and the crew. Congratulations to them on taking the 2015 Friends of Kenya trophy. 2nd place was Simba, and 3rd place went to Snowgoose.
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Wonders of Watamu is a marketing initiative creating a buzz on social media causing travel media worldwide to turn their attention on Watamu. The dynamic media campaign was created by residents, businesses, and attractions based in Watamu, and developed by international media experts. The recently launched online marketing campaign promotes the beauty, activities and accommodation of Watamu and the surrounding region, including the Watamu Marine Park and Reserve, Mida Creek and the Arabuko Sokoke Forest.
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Great morning out on the #watamu  reef with +Swahili Coast and one of our regulars Ed. It may not have been the biggest morning but the  surf was such fun, nothing our +RedPaddleCo boards couldn't handle. #whyilovekenya   #VisitWatamu  
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Watamu Wildman Triathlon 2014
Photos of the #Watamu   #Triathlon  which took place on the 19th Ocotber 2014 at Turtle Bay Beach Club can be viewed on our website:
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The 'vernal' #Equinox is on Tuesday 23rd September - equal day and night over the equator. The closest point of the earth to the sun (the 'subsolar point') moves over the equator towards the southern hemisphere.

A transitional period of shifts in the #monsoon winds called 'Matalai' occurs from mid-September to mid-November where there is a period of rains and little wind between the switch from the southerly #Kusi to the north easterly #Kaskazi ...


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Watamu is a small town 20 kilometres or so south of Malindi. The name translates into 'sweet people'. It lies between Watamu Bay to the north and Blue Lagoon to the south. The stunning Turtle Bay extends south from Blue Lagoon where it meets Mida Creek.

Watamu town itself has grown from a small coastal village into a small ramshackle settlement of huts and buildings. The town has an accelarating growth rate due to the popularity of the area as a great holdiday destination, with a growing economy and population.


Watamu's northern most, and least developed bay. Watamu Bay can be accessed from the northern part of Watamu village, or the road heading north towards Bio-Ken snake farm. Inland from Watamu bay consists mainly of residential properties, although tourist accommodation developments are increasing here.


A circular, well protected lagoon located just south of Watamu village. Blue lagoon has a unique character, with it's rounded beach, and tranquil waters. A range of accommodation from hotels, residential houses, and beach cottages have beautiful views overlooking the lagoon across the protective coral headlands and islands out to the indian ocean.


Watamu beach stretches for about seven kilometres south to the mouth of Mida Creek. The north end of the bay is sheltered by an ancient coral headland - providing a natural harbour for vessels. Traditionally, dhows would wey anchor here, on their trade route north or so with with monsoon wind. Today, the bay provides shelter to modern sports fishing boats, glass-bottomed boats, and the occasional ngalawa or small dhow.


Part of the same ecosystem as the Watamu Marine Reserve and Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Mida Creek is an ecologically important area deserving it's protected status. Wide sandbanks and mud flats are exposed at low tide and the creek is fringed with mangorve forest teaming with life. Mida Creek is also listed as an Important Bird Area(IBA).

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