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Ken Wong
Gaming Addict. Lover of Geekery.
Gaming Addict. Lover of Geekery.
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Looking for a super user friendly linux distro to run on an old laptop. any suggestions?

About to install Lion on me Mac. Wish me luck!

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Moving to melbourne means putting stuff in boxes and on ebay/gum tree. fun fun fun. Anyone want a 88 MR2?

Just pulled out my other wisdom tooth. Can't feel half my face.

Loving my new laser printer. It's quiet, quick and costs less than a new toner for my old printer.

Handed back my iPhone. Now filling my free time with good ol' snake on my trusty nokia.

Farewell drinks with the Fairfax folk tonight. This means I actually need to change out of my PJs. sigh

2pm and still in my PJs. It doesn't get much better than this :)
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