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Dan Sheadel

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Go Stormbots! I'm so very proud to be a mentor for these guys. 
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Dan Sheadel

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Graceful! :D
Avian-Inspired robotic grasping. []
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Dan Sheadel

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Ooooooh, I might do this.
Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems is a free online class taught by Dr. Adam Porter of University of Maryland, College Park
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I just signed up
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Dan Sheadel

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Dan Sheadel

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Github apparently knows exactly what I'll be uploading....
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Dan Sheadel

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This is exactly how I feel about all beers.
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i don't get it :|
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Dan Sheadel

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If any Linux + Git+ Eagle users are out there, I've created a tool to help with tracking board revisions.  This will automatically generate previews and visual differences between every board revision, and include them with each commit as you make it.
If anyone wants to help port it to windows or other dev tools, I'd love that as well! 
eagle-preview-autogen - Git hooks to automatically generate layer images of Eagle BRD files, intended for visual diffs
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Awesome ! 
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Dan Sheadel

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Whoo! Good job Facebook. 
MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — You don't have to be just male or female on Facebook anymore. The social media giant has added a customizable option with about 50 different terms people can use to identify their gender as well as three preferred pron...
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Dan Sheadel

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Dropping WSU courses this semester in lieu of doing Coursera instead. Current linup for the semester:

Neural Networks for Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Planning

Control of Mobile Robots

Programming Mobile Applications for Android

And I'm debating on one for computer vision as well, but it'll probably kill me to have 5 classes. We'll see!
Discrete Inference and Learning in Artificial Vision
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We don't. It's using matlab, the project is with Intel. It's not continuous learning, we're just using it to learn a good network then write that into HDL
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Dan Sheadel

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Sweet! That's a pretty quick and easy way to cut a box.
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Very nice, now I just need a laser cutter
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Dan Sheadel

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Oh, man. Easily the funniest holiday comic strip ever.
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Oh jeez
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Nerd Extraordinaire and DIY Enthusiast
I have a penchant for collecting a wide variety of skills so some minimal degree of expertise. I have a love of hands on skills and mental challenges. In my free time, I like to work on my little hobby robot. It doesn't do anything, except teach me how to build little robots, which I consider perfectly valid justification. 

I have an overdeveloped sense of levity. 

Bragging rights
I consider the most beautiful phrase to be "I don't know; Let's find out"
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Multi-disciplinary student
  • OSH Park
    Customer Support, 2013 - present
    Helping folks make awesome boards for their equally awesome projects.
  • MESA Science Outreach
    Volunteer Educator, 2012 - present
  • Skyview Robotics Program
    Volunteer Mentor, 2012 - present
  • WinCo Foods
    Cashier, 2008 - 2013
  • Hewlett-Packard
    Assembly Technician, 2008 - 2008
  • Columbia Automation Systems
    CAD Operator, 2005 - 2007
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