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Lytvina Anugerahningtyas
I'm just a small bump.
I'm just a small bump.
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To people, I'm just another slave that they can order around anyway they wanted. To people, I'm just another doll that they can toy around and fuck with anytime they wanted. To people, I'm just another emotionless person that they can emotionally abuse free...

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Dreams and Reality Part 4
lunch, of course.” I raised an eyebrow, staring at him weirdly. He
nodded and the edges of his mouth curled up. “Believe me, it was my pleasure.” “I
suppose you now have a plus one for tonight.” We stood and walked to his car as
soon as he finished pay...

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Dreams and Reality Part 3
I nodded, rearranging the pillows so I
can lay down to enjoy the sunlight, my eyes closing on their own as I let the
sound of birds chirping lull me to sleep. As I drifted off, I heard a soft
laugh echoing as I faded out into unconsciousness. I was pulled o...

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Why Don't You Love Me Copyright by me. Yes, I write fanfictions. Don't be too surprised, been writing fanfictions all my life. Oh and while you're at it, please listen to the song too. You can know when it's in Clary'...

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Dreams and Reality Part 2
“Oh. Thank
you.” I took the card and went inside the car. Turning on the headlight, I
unsealed it and written inside is a message for me.              I would
say your beauty attracted the animals. Until then.                                                ...

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Dreams and Reality Part 1
I walked
down the stairs towards the ballroom, my gown trailing behind me. My heels
clacked into the marble floor, my face covered with a mask. The crowd went
silent as I reached the end of the stairs, my hand letting go of the
balustrade. “Ms. Charleston,“...

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legs turned into jelly and I had to hold on tight to the door, if not I’d
probably be toppling down the floor. “W-what
are you doing here?” I finally stammered, trying to regain my composure. Dark
eyes with circles underneath and day old stubble greeted ...

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It's been three years since we fell apart. I have moved to New York City for a clean slate. Walking through the crowd heading towards my apartment building, I held my phone close to my ear as I keep listening to my best friend, Sava, rant about her boss. "G...

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The sound of car horns and the buzz of the cars fills the night as the clock strikes 3 o'clock. I just keep tossing and turning around in bed, your side getting colder and colder with each minutes that passes by. Tears streak down my face as sleep drew fart...

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Hallo! Perks of only having 5 hours of school: weekend starts early. Downside of not having any gadgets at your disposal when your weekends start early: boredom ensues and you'd just find yourself trying to do basically anything to keep you from getting bor...
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