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It's the end of an era and it makes me sad. I look forward to their reposts in my rss reader.

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Person of Interest was a truly great show. If you haven't watched it, all five season are on Netflix. This is spoilerific, but if you don't mind spoilers hopefully this article will convince more people to watch it.

(Don't know why this article is on Deadspin and not io9. It is in no way Deadspin's usual fair)

Not quite sure how much more Of The Now my walk home could have been tonight. Listened to the Hamilton soundtrack and counted 15 people playing Pokemon Go.

My mother-in-law, Peggy, passed this morning.

Life will be chaotic for awhile.

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Because, today being today, I needed something inspirational, something aspirational to read. Here's Cory talking about how we can lock the internet open and force a better future rather than one is a bit dimmer every day.

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One of my favorite bands of all time is now on Spotify. Don't know when they got added, but since I've been checking periodically over the years I have to assume relatively recently.

While I already own all their albums on CD or cassette (for the oldest ones) it's nice to be able to listen to their stuff easily again.

If you like folk americana, with a particular Great Lakes theme, check them out.

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This is an extremely interesting conversation between two authors about genre and literature.

Happy New Year everyone!

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