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Georgiana Laudi
Digital Strategy Consultant. Former VP @Unbounce
Digital Strategy Consultant. Former VP @Unbounce


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Early bird pricing ends today! 
To celebrate the launch of our first-ever Call to Action Conference, I 'virtually' sat down & talked shop about conversion optimization & landing pages with each of our awesome speakers. 

And this is what they had to say...

Featuring +Joanna Wiebe +Peep Laja +Chris Goward +Ryan Engley +Joanna Lord +Brian Massey +Sean Ellis +Michael Aagaard +Angie Schottmuller +Oli Gardner +Rick Perreault +Tiffany daSilva 

#conversionoptimization   #conversionrateoptimization   #landingpages   #onlinemarketing   #digitalmarketing  

#conferences   #vancouver   #marketingconferences

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Oh hey! I wrote an ebook! 
Learn how to host actionable webinars that delight customers and increase your bottom line

Our Director of Marketing, +Georgiana Laudi, shares our step-by-step process and the thinking behind our #1 acquisition channel: webinars

The ebook covers:

- How to create a webinar experience that people love to attend

- How to promote your webinar across multiple channels effectively

- What and who is needed to broadcast live without a hitch

- How to continue generating leads after your webinar ends

Featuring some of the tools we love like +Zapier +GoToWebinar +Wistia 

Get the free guide (plus a bonus Webinar Registration Landing Page Template!)

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My latest 'Inside +Unbounce #Marketing' update:

1) I’ll show you our numbers
2) We’ll look at #PageFights  
3) May’s #Unwebinar  w/ +AWeber's +Hunter Boyle is worth your attention
4) We take a look at 1 year of “Did we mess up?” emails
5) Welcome a new face +Chelsea Scholz, and say “see you soon!” to this one!

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Attention Marketers in #Montreal  & #Vancouver !

We have 3 positions open on the #Marketing  team at +Unbounce:  

Performance Marketer & Analyst
Project Wranger
Content Coordinator

Share with the awesome marketers you know -- Unless you want the job yourself, in which case, keep it to yourself. :)

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Super honoured to be part of this list! Big fans of so many included, wow. 

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You'd think "BOB" would have a better reputation by now. 

Nice one +Michael Aagaard 

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Can't resist but add this recent +Unbounce post by +Joanna Wiebe, a fantastic post about #copywriting  and #conversion ... She was also so great to work with. 

In case you missed it:
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