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Van Harvey
Seeking after the Education that our Schools are unable to provide. And good Scotch.
Seeking after the Education that our Schools are unable to provide. And good Scotch.

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Earth Day: Comply, or be put six feet under it!
The underlying meaning of Earth Day, a day that was chosen to coincide with Vladimir Lenin's birthday, shouldn't be all that difficult to realize. The fact that one of its original promoters and first MC, was a fellow who later murdered his girlfriend and c...

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A question for 'REAL Conservatives'™
I've got a question for my 'REAL Conservatives'™ friends out there. While I've come to think of myself as more as more of a Liberal Conservative - Politically Liberal (Not Leftist, but Liberal in the classical sense of advocating for liberty), and culturall...

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Dear GOP: To Repeal Is To Replace; to Replace Without Repealing Is To Suck
When it comes to the question of what to do about ObamaCare, there once seemed to be clarity on 'The Right': Repeal it. That was soon, slowly, altered to Repeal and Replace it . Why? Andrew Breitbart once made a remark along the lines of , 'If you can't sel...

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Jeff Sessions' Recusal: The GOP's continuing pursuit of publicly preening their political stigmata.
So Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself , in response to a spurious, baseless, charge. Was this an admirable act of selflessly sacrificing himself to maintain the appearance of justice? Is he rising above "... any semblance of a conflict of intere...

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President Trump lands an ace of a speech, and shows off his mad Political-Fu skills
A couple quick thoughts before bed, on Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress. . Although I had a positive response to it, overall, especially in the 'political-fu' of it, there were several things that I liked, and several that I disliked about Trum...

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Obama does Fauxcahontas - and you're surprised?
Ok, I'll bite. I tried to side step Obama's latest words of wisdom with a short post yesterday:  In the 57 states of Barack Obama's America, Harry Truman said: "The Buck stops with you." , but since everyone is in a tizzy over this, in which he said : if yo...

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Would Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court be some of that promised 'Winning'? Maybe so!
Well. I'm late to the SCOTUS party and just getting started on looking into Judge Neil Gorsuch's legal opinions, but... suffice to say that for the moment, it's looking good. While skimming various bios of him last night, my attention was caught by this bit...

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"...President Trump took an ax, gave the Govt Agencies 40 whacks..."
Here's another case of my ' partial good/potential bad ' take on Trump, that has me both cheering, and sighing, at the same time. A friend brought it to my attention that, along with his many other recent actions against regulatory excesses, Trump's people ...

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The Donald becomes The President
Ok, so, a few quick comments about Trump's inaugural speech. It was simple, direct, unpretentious, even pithy in its restatement of those themes he campaigned upon, which, given his reputation, is all the more striking, as he apparently waved off the speech...

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Red, White and Inaugural Blues - a Rant
On Friday, the 20th of January, 2017, the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, a man I did not support in the recent election (though I opposed his final opponent, with him), will be sworn into office, and with that oath of offic...
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