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David Young
UI Designer, UI Engineer, Woodworker. Likes <beer />
UI Designer, UI Engineer, Woodworker. Likes <beer />

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Hi David, thanks for the invite. Looks like a pretty cool community here!  As my first entry, I bought a Stanly 45 Combination Plow plane on ebay, with all the original irons, including tongue and groove, and beading irons.  Does anyone know where I can get replacement knickers?  That was the only part of the plane that's missing.

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Ever wanted a little 3D Avatar of yourself... Or anyone else? Well, +Foldable.Me  ( can make that happen!

Here's me and +Cali Lewis made out of paper! :-)

Heck, they might even let you order US!?!
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My Hero!
Someone wrote that

    The following code causes an error in internet explorer:

        var window;

        "SCRPT5039: Redeclaration of const property line 1 character 1"

It causes no harm on all of the other browsers. He recommended that I have JSLint warn on it. I recommended that he report it to Microsoft instead.

For over a decade we have tried to work around IE's failings. As a result, Microsoft apparently found little need to fix this stuff. So I won't do it any more. If something works everywhere except on IE, then let it fail.

Not everyone has the freedom to do that, but I do, and I am exercising that right as a Programming American.

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Big Media and the folly of modern Copyright law in the United States.
The Register is reporting that the Republican Study Committee staffer who wrote this brief on market-based copyright reform was fired in response to pressure from Big Media.

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Continually impressed by +Yehuda Katz. His perspective on developer ergonomics hugely evolved my thinking of API and software design. He cares a lot about documentation; he helped expand the jQuery docs years ago and Ember users will have some excellent writing of his coming soon.

Lastly, he's investing his time in the future of the web platform. He offers his experience from jQuery, Ember and Rails on standards lists like public-webapps, whatwg, and public-web-perf. Developer POV in the standards process is often not provided, so presence there is hugely important.

(I should also point out that +Scott González, also from the jQuery Board, has also been quite active in DOM discussions lately) Three big cheers from me! Thank you. :D

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This morning, I would like to challenge the voters who supported Amendment 1 in North Carolina to provide factual evidence as to how two complete strangers (who also happen to be gay) getting married affects THEIR marriage or rights to such a degree as to warrant enshrining discriminatory language into the state constitution -- a document that is meant to ensure equal protection under the law. -- Your religion is not allowed as a defense since we are a secular nation, not a theocracy.

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