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Patricia Townsend
Author of Voice From The End of Town | Live your faith!
Author of Voice From The End of Town | Live your faith!

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Just wanted to share this.  My daughter has started writing her first story on Wattpad.  Please join, read and support her on this endeavor!  #writing #author #fanfiction

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What is God saying to you? Is he asking you to make changes, to step out in faith, to risk something for him?

Here I relate the call of Abram by God...

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What is God calling you to do?
Are You Being Asked to Make Changes? To Step Out in Faith?
     Have you ever thought what it must have been like for Abram when God spoke to him and told him to leave all he knew and go to a land that God would show him?       God told him to leave his father's household, his people and even his country.  God want...

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While reading Dangerous Calling, a book dedicated to the issues within the pastoral culture, I realized how everything the author spoke about could be applied to anyone in any position in the church...the issue? Beyond everything else it is spiritual blindness
Spiritual Blindness: From the Pulpit to the Pew
Anyone that has paid attention in the last 30 years has heard or seen the issues that have made headlines in regards to pastors and their pulpits.  It seems we can't get through a few years without a man or women in places of leadership doing something that...

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Spring will be here eventually but if you blog (even if you don't) you can start the clean up this and see 3 Ideas to spring cleaning to help your blog. You never know, if if you don't blog they'll probably be helpful too!
3 Spring Cleaning Ideas To Help Your Blogging
Clutter has a negative effect.   You may not realize it but some of your clutter may be negatively effecting your blogging.  Here are some places to deal with clutter: Email  Facebook   Blogging space.  As bloggers we deal with emails on a regular basis.  O...

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After loosing everything we owned almost 8 months ago I definitely had to think this one over - that's where the heart of this blog post comes from..
Can I Take A Break From My Blog ?
This is a question that many bloggers ask.    Will I lose followers?  Will my readership go down?  Will taking a break hurt me in the long run?   Maybe you will lose followers and readership but what's more important is why you're thinking about taking a br...

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Took a bit of a break to get back on my feet but wanted to share the newer posts. Reactions to "the fat" and what people don't know...
My Reaction to "My Big Fat Fabulous Life"
Last night I watched a show called "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" and before I knew it I was holding back tears.  I found someone else who has experienced the same problems as me.  Now I'm going to be blunt, most people would think, oh, you found someone who un...

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The newest update on our situation is on the site below.  Please consider at the least sharing our story with others on GooglePlus, Twitter, Facebook and in emails.  We could really use the help in our current situation.  

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This is a post written right in the middle of losing everything.  It's a post to remind myself daily how to walk this out... and it can be for anyone who is dealing or knows someone who is dealing with loss.  
What Do You Do When You Lose Everything?
I've been asking myself this question each and every day for the last 19 days.  Whether my family thinks about it, this is the question in the back of their minds too.  Loss is a devastating thing and no matter how many times you go through loss it's just n...
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