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I'm a mama with a passion for knitting.
I'm a mama with a passion for knitting.

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Yarn Along - Cheating on My Knitting
  Sleeve number one for what will be my new Spring Cardigan. Now, I'm not a monogamous knitter, but I was really hoping to be with my Branches and Buds sweater.  There is only a sleeve and about 4 inches of body to go, but the dark navy blue is dragging me ...

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It's All About The Planning
  My small stash of Shetland Spindrift for my Fair Isle Knitting class at this year's Yarnover Event. There's a group I belong to on Ravelry called Pre-process Yarnies .  They are knitters who love the planning of projects possibly more than the actual knit...

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Yarn Along - Around and around and around
Around and around and around and yet not getting anywhere.  Well, at least, that's how I feel about knitting my Branches and Buds sweater at the moment.  So much stockinette knit at a fine gauge on US 4 /  3.5 mm needles is slow going.  I positively flew th...

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The Best Laid Plans
Simply Shetland Lambswool and Cashmere yarn.  I love the rich colorways. Ah, it's always interesting when your actions counter your intentions.  When I talked about my fiber budget in this post I mentioned my local yarn store that's closing and liquidating ...

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A Fiber Budget
My now more organized yarn stash. To buy or not to buy that is the question.  This year I am on a fiber budget to help curb my impulse control and overspending.  It was a joint decision between my husband and I that we need to be more aware of our spending....

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Yarn Along - Hats for Women's March
You've probably heard about the Women's March on Washington , but have you heard of the Pussyhat Project?  It's a lamentable name I think, but the idea is to give the marchers a striking presence that cannot be ignored so they can better be heard.  Being a ...

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Frogging, Finishing and Starting Fresh
These are my favorite knitting project bags.   Star Trek and Hobbit are by Stitched by JessaLu and the British Telephone Box is by Zigzag Stitches . I started in December re-accessing my knitting WIP's as there were many which left me feeling weighed down. ...

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Yarn Along - First Finished Object of the Year
Well, I did get what I wanted for Christmas, but not what I wanted for New Year's.  Instead of starting out the New Year with the intentions I wrote about in my last post , I started the year with a stomach virus and all the ickiness that goes along with th...

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Intentions for 2017
It's Friday night and I am home writing as I sit in my favorite chair, "Mama's chair" as it's called 'round our house.  Everyone respects this, well, everyone except for the dog that is, but she readily moves when I want my spot back so I forgive her transg...

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Simply Playing Podcast Episode 2 - Where Sheep Take Over My Life
Introduction: Hi this is Ann.  Welcome to episode 2 on my new knitting podcast called Simply Playing.  I'm so glad you could make it! Playing with Sicks and String (or current knitting projects) Pattern:  Cozy Coasters by Joelle Hoverson from the book More ...
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