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Luis de la Rosa
I make Android, Glass and iOS apps.
I make Android, Glass and iOS apps.

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Just bought this bundle. You can support EFF too.

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So happy for @chiuki! She's one of the people that encouraged me to present more.

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We might have a mini Kotlin hackathon to decide who gets the free +AnDevCon: The Android Developer Conference ticket  at the Android Meetup tonight in Tysons

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I'm giving a talk about Kotlin tomorrow at the Android Meetup in Tysons. Plus we're giving away a ticket to AnDevCon!

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This looks pretty useful: I need to try this out.

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Bought a ticket to DroidCon NYC

Submitted my application to Google I/O. I wonder if they will take pity on me that I've never made it into one before.

Sad that HTC's Grip and LG's Watch Urbane are not running Android Wear. Fortunately, the Huawei Watch is.

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Can't wait to ride in a Skynet Marshmallow Bumper Bot (via +Android Central) It'd be perfect for 25mph max Falls Church City.

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JUnit 4 support finally!
Espresso 2.0 is here!

A release is never too late, nor is it too early. It arrives precisely when it’s meant to.” That being said, we would like to apologize for such a long wait. Part of the delay was caused by work that ensures that this does not happen again.

Espresso 2.0 is packed with new features[0], but perhaps the most important change is that Espresso is now part of the Android Support Library and available in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) soon. This will make it easier for you to contribute to future releases.

With this release, we would also like to introduce the new AndroidJUnitRunner[1], which contains all the functionality of GoogleInstrumentationTestRunner and adds extra features[2], including Junit4 support.

Although this is an API-breaking release (hence the major version bump), we do not expect the majority of projects to be affected by anything other than the package name change.

We have added a new set of individual sample projects, available on GitHub[3], to make it easier for you to learn about the new features and get started with Espresso.

Documentation[4,5] and Javadocs[6,7,8] are still hosted on android-test-kit, but will move to in early 2015.

We hope that you enjoy the new Espresso experience and look forward to your feedback and contributions.

Happy holidays and happy testing!

#androiddev  #androidTesting

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[1] AndoidJUnitRunner Javadoc -
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[4] Espresso Setup Guide -
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