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A New Challenge...
Part of my
new role is to integrate flipped classroom pedagogy into the general culture of
education at my new workplace. I have moved on from my previous workplace and find myself employed
in a larger school, in a promotional position, with more responsibi...

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The Meta-Principle is the 'Active' Classroom
I met an intriguing character at FlipCon
Adelaide, and he challenged me to blog weekly. He said to me, as long as it is
authentic, and it reflects your struggles, people want to hear.   He directed me to the most popular program on
his radio network…’My Bad...

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Flip Classroom - Paradigm shift
Dear Reader, I hope you will permit me to share an article that I wrote recently for ETS magazine. Please find the link here. Alternatively - read on below! The Flipped Classroom: A Paradigm Shift A change is here. It is not coming. It  is  here. It has arr...

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FlipCon Australia 2015
Hello fellow flippers,     Last year I was honored to be a presenter at
two significant conferences. The first was the Australian Institute of
independent schools conference – WILL IT BLEND. This was a conference that brought together
what was current in ed...

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The Worst Screencast Is Better Than The Best Lesson.
What a deliberately inflammatory statement! :) THIS GUY IS JUST CAUSING TROUBLE. But I think you can understand the sentiment. The worst screencast is always available. It can be paused, re-wound, and fast forwarded. It can be re-watched over and over. The ...

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THEY’RE ME JUST GOOFY OLD ME Hey there Flippers!. I'm sure you can tell
I’m not great at this this blogging business. It’s only been about eight months or so since my last post.   But here I am
again! Let’s focu...

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