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Have you caught up with what some of the Cats did over the off-season? Check this out!
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geelong is the best team in the world
Google Plus is well used by the club I see.
OMG i want to go there
the Cats r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky to go there!!!!
hoping for a win against Sydney... go you Cats
Not much action here, fortunately a lot more on the field where it counts.
We are geelong great team all
good win
well done boys
Happy birthday for Steve J 
I love Steve J he's my favorite player
Go cats for tomorrow night
Well done boys
cats make the finals
next week is cats eat hawks 
good try better luck next year go the cats???

go cats
they are a good team even if they are out of finals
when ever geelong cats get in the finals i know geelong is a good team
cats are going to win the grand final next season 
your getting your confidents of encouraging players geelong cats keep that up 
I hope everything goes our way at the end of trade period.
we get rhys stanley and mitch clark
Wishing all the very best for Geelong footyclubfrom Sam
A game of attack equals scoreboard pressure playing safe kills supporters when winning premierships what sort of football is required
Go ye catters!!!!!!!!!
Geelpng FC l believe the are to be a serious contender in 2016 have to improve all over the ground especially there weakness in their backline in the centre around stoppages and most importantly their pressure is crucial if they are to be any threat for the flag
C'mon Geelong Cats.. Are you ever going to post here!! Not all of us use fb, if you think people don't use G+ think again.. 
Who thinks they are going to win against sydney? In 2016 preliminary final
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