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Helen Walsh
Mixed media artist and Creative Practitioner
Mixed media artist and Creative Practitioner


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Life Drawing (sort of) 12.12.17
Continuous line drawing I've had a bit of a rough week so when Life Drawing came around it was somewhere near the bottom of the list of things I wanted to do (curl up and go to sleep being near the top!) However, as the organiser and person with access to t...

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Life Drawing: 14.11.17
Sketchy Faces After a few months off it was really good to get back to Life Drawing. I haven't been running the sessions since June for various reasons too boring to explain and I didn't realise how much I'd missed them. For the first couple of months it wa...

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Time to Play
My Stitched Collage Box from a workshop with Anne Brooke As usual I've been busy with all sorts of different projects including workshops , an exhibition and a new and expanded role at Prism Arts . All this activity has left me feeling stretched a little th...

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More Sketchbook Making shenanigans...
Stacked Folded Sketchbooks Earlier in the year I had a lovely evening running my 'Embellishing Printed Fabric' workshop for Brampton Arts and Crafts Club . It was such a relaxed and pleasant evening with a really lovely group of people. They obviously enjoy...

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Machine Embroidery and Applique Workshops at The Eden Workshop
Puffin with Sand Eels, 2017 Machine embroidery and Applique on linen As you will know if you read this blog regularly or have met me 'in real life' I love running workshops. I really enjoy sharing my technical skills and experience and seeing other people t...

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Sky High: Exhibition at Farfield Mill
Around about this time last year I was busy working on my first solo exhibition 'As the Crow Flies' at RSPB Geltsdale . It was a really good experience for so many different reasons. It gave me an opportunity to focus on my personal practice and an incentiv...

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Circles and Spirals: Round and round we go
Stitched spirals; work in progress My last couple of posts have been going into a bit more depth about my work; how it's created and some of the reasons and meanings behind it. Continuing that theme this post is vaguely about recurring motifs, specifically ...

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Sunshine and Feathers: Cyanotypes
Cyanotypes on watercolour paper drying outside Last year I did a little bit of experimenting with cyanotypes; mixing the chemicals myself and preparing the paper and fabric for printing. I really enjoyed the process and the results and a couple of the piece...

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Feather Banners: Journeys and Connections
Flow: Connect 2016 Indigo dyed fabrics and threads, feathers, beads, hand stitch Last year I made a piece of work called 'Flow:Connect' which I exhibited as part of Prism Arts C-Art exhibition  and which was also on show as part of 'Random Acts of Art' at G...

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Beautiful Birds
Grey Heron, RSPB Saltholme Moorhen, RSPB Saltholme Mr. Stitches and I have just got back from our annual trip to Stanhope, a small town in the beautiful Weardale Valley. We are lucky enough to be able to go and stay in a static caravan there kindly lent to ...
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