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Changes daily.

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Detecting skin cancer with computer vision (IBM)

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Coal ash: ‘Why in the world would we be importing it?’

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11-year-old Beaconsfield kid lives dream, plays guitar with Green Day

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This Guy Made a NERF Gun That Breaks The Sound Barrier | Nerdist

In Baden-Powell's 'Scouting for Boys' (1908), there are tips for dealing with suicide, dead bodies, mad dogs & killing cattle with a knife.

The oldest bridge in Paris is the Pont Neuf - which means ‘New Bridge’.

In the Faroe Islands girls knit their boyfriends love gifts called 'purrivøttur' meaning 'testicle mittens.'

The male Tent Cobweb Weaver spider chews off one of his legs before mating to gain a speed and mobility advantage over other suitors.

During WWII the Office of Censorship banned people from posting knitting patterns abroad, in case they contained coded messages.

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WW II's Memphis Belle earns its wings at Air Force museum
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