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Darren Fuller
I'm not paranoid, they really are out to get me!
I'm not paranoid, they really are out to get me!

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Azure Security and Automation
Recently I've been doing a lot of work without automating some of my more mundane daily tasks in Azure so that I can free up time to work with the cool stuff (don't we all really just want to play with the shiny stuff). Having not blogged anything for a whi...

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SonarQube and LetsEncrypt
Recently I've completed moving our "temporary" SonarQube to something which is a bit more production ready.  This pretty much looks like a Windows server hosted in Azure, backed by an Azure SQL database with a reverse proxy in front of it so that we can ena...

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Comparing with the previous row using Microsoft Power BI
This is something which has come up recently at work which at first glance seems like it should be straight forward ( tl;dr it is when you know how) but if you're new to Power BI or Power Pivot then it's something which takes some thinking about.  Please no...

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"Do you want to take me to the park for your birthday dad?"

Well, if you don't ask I suppose...
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I'm quite fond of Blind Spot but they've done a hacking episode and it's just painful (except the dig at Perl).

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I've not been overly active on here lately, something I should remedy in the new year given the wonderful people who roam these halls. But anyway have a happy new year all and may the new year bring you the joy and happiness you deserve.

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Apparently this is the best course to take if you are interested in learning how to functionally program in Javascript.  I've heard it mentioned in multiple podcasts.  #javascript #js #ramda  

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I feel for anyone who has been affected by the TalkTalk security breach.

I'm also glad to see The Mirror taking a balanced and sensible approach to reporting on the situation.

"The internet terrorists are said to have used one victim's bank card to buy goods out of Tesco"

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"BBC business correspondent Joe Lynam said it was not clear what the encryption requirements were for companies holding customer data."

Let's try applying common sense instead of relying on being told what to do 
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