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Kealf “Captain Stainguard” Soong

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Scratch Build Thunder bolt
A few days ago I met up with a friend and we started talking
30k. If I were to play 30k, I will finally have a chance to use my scratch
built Thunderbolts.   Using the Solar
Auxilia list, the Thunderbolts will fit nicely in the fast attack slot.
Building th...
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40k scratch built Warhound
One of the many projects that I hesitate to do is a scratch built
Warhound.  A few years back I actually took the plunge and decided to
build one so I can take it to an apocalypse game. Nothing motivates me more then
to have a big piece of cheese spewing de...
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Space marine corpse’s scenery
  Came across some really over painted and badly converted
space marines in a garage sale which I got for a cheap deal. Not sure why I
bought them, but it must be because it was lumped in a bundle of other cool
stuff as well.   Looking at the space
marines ...
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