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"I know there are people out there who do not love their fellow human beings and I hate people like that!" ~Tom Lehrer
"I know there are people out there who do not love their fellow human beings and I hate people like that!" ~Tom Lehrer

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“I love being my dad’s family’s little princess and all... but by the end of the week I spend with them, I’m just ready for some Bioshock, stuff like that, you know?”

~Abby, just 15

Trying an experiment today with Little Miz Liz, age 10. Lizzy is super bright, enjoys her piano lessons (she's a rank beginner), but positively loathes practicing. Her teacher is terrific at finding ways to engage Miss Easily-Distracted, but in solo practice, these don't translate in her brain. She complains that the songs are too sad and too boring.

Now Lizzy is a pattern-finder, and she’s my little STEM kid, but she has some blocks (we tried various methods of teaching her to tie her shoes for six years before my mother came up with the one that worked: visualizing it as an engineering problem of the laces being a bridge she could build across the “river.”) And today Liz had a lightbulb moment.

“Mom! Middle C is like the home row in typing!”

Yes. It is.

And she loves typing practice.

Then I had my lightbulb.

I'm musically trained, although not on piano. I can sing, and I played the cello regularly for a couple of decades. Lizzy knows the proper finger positions from her piano teacher. So today, in addition to regular piano practice, we're going back to my early days of strings instruction.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star can be played with one hand. She knows the tune, so there's context for her.

This could work.

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Edited to add Twas2017 pic of the girls.

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This is important news.

See that ‘Peter Morton’ there? Ever wonder why my middle name is Morton?

That, my friends, is my father. New council member for the city of Langley, Washington, on Whidbey Island. Go, Dad!


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Mother Nature... it’s been a very hard year

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This is a test

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