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I write and therefore I am...
I write and therefore I am...

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K - Kochi -The Chinese fishing nets of Fort Kochi
Add caption Been there done that   Kochi – The Chinese fishing nets of Fort Kochi ‘ Cheena Vala’ as they are called in the native
Malayalam are found across the harbor towns in China. Kochi once a trading port owes the import of
Chinese fishing nets as a le...

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J - Jew Town of Mattancherry
Been there ... Done that ... Jew town of Mattancherry  1170: When the traveler Benjamin of Tudela visited India, he
reported that there were about a  thousand Jews in the south. 1686:   Moses Pereira
de Paiva listed 465 Malabar Jews. 1781: The Dutch governo...

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I - Irish Whiskey taster
Been there, Done that  Irish
whiskey taster  Jameson’s Distillery, Bow Street, Dublin If
you thought whisky was always Scotch, the Irish would be really offended. And
therefore, when in Dublin they make a song and dance about educating you on the
subtle nua...

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H - Hongkong -Sniffed out in Hong Kong
 Been there ... Done that  Sniffed out in Hong Kong I must confess I was
adequately warned about it.  Some people I know had, had their share of
misadventures with it.  In fact, that is what
 raised my curiosity. I had to experience it.   You live life only...

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G - The Garage
Been there ... done that  It  happened in this Garage   It was the year 1938. Prof. Frederick Terman  of Stanford
university  encouraged two of his young Stanford graduates … a
certain William  and David to start something of their own rather
than go and se...

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F - Facebooks, Apples, Googles, Intels and the Mentals…
Been there, Done that ... F - Facebooks, Apples,
Googles, Intels  and the Mentals…                      It was the core of our pilgrimage
and the excitement was unbearable. The Google maps took us in circles  around the Google way.  We googled around for th...

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E- El Camino Real
              Been there, Done that ...  E- El Camino Real  Between 1683 and Between 1683 and 1834, Jesuit   and   Franciscan   missionaries   established a series of religious outposts. Given the lack of standardized road signs at the time, it was decided ...

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D- Drive along the Californian coast
Been there... Done that  Drive along the Californian Coast    Our Road trip was still a day
away.    Our Day one was dedicated to seeing
the   Fascinating city of San Francisco. The sky was overcast and there was a slight drizzle when we cruised along the G...

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C - Californian Calling
Been there, Done that   CALIFORNIAN CALLING  It was a trip
conceived akin to a pilgrimage.  And
there was a good reason to call this a pilgrimage.   We started our careers around the time when the Indian
Information technology industry was still shaping up....

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B - Benares - An Evening in Benares
Been There ... Done that  An Evening in Benares    Elsewhere all across the Indian subcontinent ...  It is
that time of the evening as the sun sets down after leaving its traces of dense
orange blush across the grey sky. It is
that time of the evening when ...
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