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#sirpatrickmoore. An Inspiration. RIP

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If you are fond of +Amanda Palmer and really love imaginative art projects then give this youTube message 2.5 minutes of your time. It costs you nothing ( well unless you pitch in on Indiegogo )

Magpies | Indiegogo pitch

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Worth a gander if you like art and photography
The Indiegogo Campaign is up and running. For all of those who asked about a printed copy of Magpies: this is where we make it happen! Even if you can't donate yourself, sharing would be immensely appreciated.

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#NeilGaiman   Such a shame that you need to download Audibles' App as well

#iGoogle Great I don't have or want a smartphone and don't use a tabet, but I do use iGoogle to tell me if I have items in Reader, any new messages in gmail and to bring in the news feed from the BBC. all at a glance..soon to be  several clicks. Not such a great idea.

#Google #Events #Fail Ok great we now have events..but for the love of all things noodly please give us an option to ignore event invites from people we have not circled. Or the best idea would be to be able to configure this on a circle by circle basis. Because, for example I have a circle for bands that I follow, but say they start putting in events for all of their gigs...lots of spammy event invites which will find me turning the whole feature off.

So there we go.

An option to ignore invites from people outside your circles
Configuration of circles to say yes/no to accepting invites from people in those circles

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Share - me - do
Reshare this post so we can test the new Google+ Ripples! The more reshares, the more interesting the graph.

So please, everyone reshare.
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