Good Morning America, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America & Mexico!!!! It's +G+ LeapYear 2012 - Day in the life of G+ DAY!!!!!

Give us your Photos!

What is this Leap Year Project?
A project to capture a small snippet of the lives and the world from the perspective of everyone here on G+. Everyone will take a picture of their small piece of the world on the 29th Feb 2012 and share it with the whole G+ community. This will create one never before seen photographic record of what the world looked like on one specific day in time. A record that forms a kind of time capsule that we can use to look back on one frozen moment in time.

How do I get Involved?
On 29th Feb 2012 Take a Picture (or several)
Upload that picture(s) to Google+
Share your picture(s) publicly
Include the tag: #G+LeapYearDayProject
+ Mention this page
Once your picture is public fill in this very short form to help us keep track of all the submissions:

What should the picture be of?
Absolutely anything, as long as it meets the terms of service of Google+ But if you want some inspiration please use any of the Daily Photography Themes

The picture doesn't have to be some glorious ground-breaking event. The idea is to simply capture something going on around you at any point on that day.

Can I upload a video?
Yes you can, but try to keep it under 1 minute. Although we would also prefer photos

Do I need to be a professional photographer?
No, this is for anyone to partake in

More Information
A G+ Community Photography Project 02/29/12 Leap Year Day, everyone post a photo showing something that expresses you, how you see your world or G+. Choose a specific time or just snap off a quick shot. Geo-Tag it so we can see where everyone is from (This is entirely optional).
Have fun, no rules except, good taste, legal, and work safe please!

G+ LeapYear Day in the Life of G+ Community Photography Project*

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