Hello Everyone! WOW What a fantastic Leap Year Day Day in the life of G+ Photo Project! We are still (and will be working over the next few or more days) working to all things organized and tallied. BUT we need some of your help as well with this.

Please make sure if you submitted/tagged or shared a photo or a group of photos; please fill out this form:


Please leave us a message if you have any questions or need help. Those who know they filled out the form or know that +Kathy Morltock did it for them, should just check the link to make sure it is there. (close to 1000 already are)

The response was Amazing! All the photos/work/pieces submitted are beyond awesome. Something like this, on this scale with this great a response has never been done before. We are making history ans some of that is being done by the flying by the seat of our pants!

Thank you and please check the form and fill it out if you think it needs to be done.

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