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Tori Peterson
Mom. Blogger. Book & Product Reviewer. Cook. Crafter. Reader. Writer. Pinterest Addict. Wife. More...
Mom. Blogger. Book & Product Reviewer. Cook. Crafter. Reader. Writer. Pinterest Addict. Wife. More...

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A Heart Most Certain
::From the back of the book:: While Lydia King's reasons for joining the Teaville Moral Society might be suspect to some members, her heart is in the right place. Because of her father's debts and her mother's persistent illness, her best chance at a secure...

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Being checked for Lupus and other news...
Hello all! Long time no talk. So much has happened I have just not been able to keep up with the blog like I love to. Everything has been put on the back burner due to so much happening lately. So let's take a dive right in and I will give you all an update...

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Packing a diaper bag for travel can be a bit intimidating! No need to worry though! Here are some tips to make your packing less stressful. 

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Happy Homemaker Monday 11/21/2016
Hello all! How is everyone? I apologize for my very long absence. As you all probably know I have been active on some of my social media just not all. We have had a lot of changes in the previous months, and a lot has kept me very busy. We moved, the kids h...

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Catbird Singing
I love, love, love, LOVED this book! I was so excited when I heard that book two came out in the Amish Horses series by Thomas Nye! The first one, Under the Heavens, left me wanting more so badly, and it definitely did not disappoint. Thomas Nye is by far o...

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Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 10/05/2015
Hello all! I hope you are all having a fantastic day so far, and here is to wishing you all a fantastic week ahead! :)  I am happy to be participating in this week's Happy Homemaker Monday! It has been a busy morning so I know I'm joining a little late. Sti...

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It has been a long time since I've written a personal post. Too long if you ask me. Life is always busy, and I find myself missing my blog more and more. I miss jotting down feelings, what has happened in a day, joining in with Happy Homemaker Monday's, etc...

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Under Magnolia
::My Thoughts:: Under Magnolia is a captivating book! Memoirs is one of my favorite genres to read because I feel transported back in time along with the writer to relive their journey with them. I was sad when this book ended and I thoroughly enjoyed the t...

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Be The Best Mom You Can Be
::From the back of the book:: What if you could sit down with a wise, experienced mom--someone who has dealt with her child being bullied, who has seen the impact of permissiveness, who has been forced to depend on God for every single day, and still talks ...

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Better All the Time
~From the back of the book~ Seraphina Darling has always struggled to stand out. With her weight issues at the forefront of her mind, Sephy prefers to place herself comfortably in the background. But when Sephy’s best friend and older brother announce their...
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