San Francisco: I'm back in town and ready to lead another edition of Circuit Hacking Monday, at Noisebridge! TONIGHT!

TONIGHT: Monday, 19-Mar, 7pm (but totally OK to come late). Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St. (1.5 blocks from Mission St. BART Station)

Learn to solder! Learn to make cool things with electronics! Hang out with cool hardware geeks at Noisebridge! All ages! All skill levels! All welcome!

Plenty of cool kits are available to make, including:

TV-B-Gone -- (turn off TVs in public places!) "Hello My Name Is" badge -- (Your name in lights!)
Brain Machine -- (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!)
Mignonette Game -- (play fun games!)
Trippy RGB Waves -- (interactive blinky lights!) LEDcube -- (animated 3D cube!)
MiniPOV -- (more cool blinky lights!)
MintyBoost -- (charge your USB enabled gadgets!)
USBtinyISP -- (program all your AVR family chips!)
Arduino clones -- (make just about anything!)
OpenHeart -- (animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart!)
Atari Punk Console -- (make cool noise from an Altoids tin!)
And more!
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