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I don’t know how to say it, I don’t know what to tell. How do you tell someone you don’t know that well that they make me so happy. Seeing him makes my day, he doesn’t have to say hello or even look my way. But for some reason just seeing you brightens up my day. It’s the way you look at me and say my name that makes me jump for joy. It was like a dream to me when you first talked to me, I was so afraid to close my eyes because I thought when I opened them I would be lying in my bed and it would have been another bitter sweet dream. I don’t know how to tell you that I love the way you smell, your laugh, and all your bad jokes. I’ve had more fun and felt much happier with you in the recent weeks since I’ve known you than I have with everyone else in months. So this is for you my bitter sweet melody, what I can’t say to your face out of fear for the unknown. I’ver never had these feelings before and its so hard for me to trust someone but if I had to chose someone to give my heart I’m glad I chose you.

You shouldn’t be afraid to tell the person you like you have feelings you like them, if they don’t feel the same then it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t get me wrong it will hurt , it will be scary but you shouldn’t go after someone who wouldn’t chase you back.

Even though I didn’t give a name he popped into your head right, that special someone who makes you feel.
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Been working on this for a while.
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Hello, I thought but could not say
I saw you and my hear did stop,
it flopped and when you looked and
said hello, my voice did stutter,
as I forced out a response, but then
all I could do was walk away. But
for once I just wish I could say
Hello... But no because I have already
lost my chance.
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Can you hear that whisper in the back
not here but there, yes that.
Can you hear that whisper calling you?
Not me but you, it calls your name
so listen close, but don't fret you see.
Because even though you don't hear it,
I can still hear that whisper in the back. 
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I Have

I have walked alone
on this path of life,
to find my way trough
struggles and pain
to make my way to you.

I have cherished
the good times and
fought through the bad just
to make my way to you.

I have been through
a lot but have
only lived for a short
time but this, this
is what I must do
to make my way to you.

I have seen past the shadows
and lived in the light,
but I still have not found how
to make my way to you.
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 Internet is like a window to the world but keeps you from the real one.
Go outside and live don’t hide on the computer.
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The Passage

Come with me thought this secret way where fairy fly and jakalope play.
To the light side where sprites dance and silver wolves sing. To happiness and laughter. The colors of rainbows is all through the land with flowers and trees all is beautiful. The rose of light smells ever so sweet with every color under the sun.
Come with me where the forest meats the Outland and darkness falls across the land. Where darkness breaks to nothing and only death is your escape. The only flower to grow here is the night rose with poison thorns and the smell of death. Nothing has color except for the ground where the darkness of souls turned it black.

Witch one do you chose?

This refers to older poems there on google+ if not on face book.
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