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Gender advocate passionate about youths, women and children.
Gender advocate passionate about youths, women and children.


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Why do Sexual Assault Survivors Feel Shame? A Cartoon Sums it Up.
Almost every survivor of sexual assault or abuse will at one point think, "It was my fault." What many of us don't know is WHY survivors feel shame and guilt or why others around them might blame them instead of the perpetrator. The following cartoon breaks...

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Why Every Hour Matters for Post-Rape Care: The Story of Maureen Phiri
P hoto above: Ambassador Catherine Russell and Maureen Phiri “I was raped, got HIV from the rape, and when I tried to tell my family, they told me to shut my mouth.” Those chilling words were spoken by 20-year-old Maureen Phiri from Lilongwe, Malawi. As one...

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What to Do After #Rape in Nigeria by Romenike Fajemisin (@Pharmacistreny)
Rape is one form of sexual assault and a terrible act that has defied understanding of the reasons of the rapist. It has also defied any of the ‘tips’ people give for helping future victims prevent it. Rape is when a person(s) has sex with an unwilling pers...

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#OpeEd: Let’s talk about Rape by Joel Oseiga Aleburu; @JoelOseiga.
I woke up planning to write about my weekend trip to Abuja and about how the sole of my shoe removed at a park in the middle of town only to see a tweet by an on air personality blaming rape on indecent dressing on the part of the ladies. I am just mad righ...

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#Op-Ed: Why the Fuss about Gender Equality? by Laz Ude Eze (@donlaz4u)
    Seven years ago while on call duty at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, I had a female patient referred from a general hospital on account of poor progress of labour. The labour had lasted for more than 12 hours and we observed signs of obstruc...

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The 2016 International Women's Day by @MrSholler #IWD2016
The country today joins the rest of the world in observing the 2016 International Women's Day, but observers say much remains to be done to ensure women are finally playing on a level playing field with their male compatriots. This year’s theme, ‘Pledge for...

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The Bride, The Rapist And a Murderer via Akinwale Akinyoade
Her heart was thumping against her chest so loudly she was surprised none of the bridesmaids or the other women could hear the sound. She looked at the excited faces of the people milling around her and swallowed resignedly, they didn’t understand her pligh...

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Is the devil to Blame? by @AbimbolaAbiolaa
( Image curled from ) Punch Metro has a post about a recent child rape case. "The boy named Thompson who lived with his family on Oremeji Street had complained about pains in his anus while his mother identified as Adenike Ejigbo gave him a...

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#BlogPost: She seduced me by Abimbola Abiola (@AbimbolaAbiolaa)
I came across these cases from Akwa Ibom and Lagos, about a 60, 29 and 20 years' old men who were arrested for rape and of how they told law enforcers that they were lured by their alleged victim's sexy behaviour. So often when people hear this type of def...

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#16Days: Bear with Me by Fatou Wurie (@thefatoublog).
BEAR WITH ME: FOR SIERRA LEONE SONG : [Bear with me Bear with me Bear with me Teday teday teday Mama yooooooooo Den dey cam den dey cam Mama den dey cam Den dey cam] My dreams are still realities that nestle in profanities As I smell blood they extract from...
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